A woodworker friend of mine who makes furniture for a living showed me his latest project – a table that needs to look similar to a pair of antique chairs. While handing me a scrap of the lumber he is using, he described some of the techniques he uses to give new lumber the appearance of age. When his work is done, his brand new table will look just like it could have been in use 400 years ago.

Now, if woodworkers can make furniture with the appearance of age, why couldn’t God have created the heavens and earth with an appearance of age? After all, if a human can make a table that appears to be old, how can anyone presume to put restrictions on the omnipotent Maker of the universe?

Evolutionists, of course, will cry foul and say that this would make God a deceiver. But think about it for a moment. How could God have created anything without giving it the appearance of age? For instance, on the day they were made, Adam and Eve appeared to be fully grown adults. God didn’t create them as embryos. Besides, even embryos have the appearance of age.

Face the facts. Our God can do anything He pleases. He is not accountable to man. Quite the opposite. We are accountable to Him … which is why all of us need a risen Savior to present us spotless and blameless to a righteous and holy God.


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