The Ongoing Approach of Big Brother

“He loved Big Brother.”

This closing line of George Orwell’s classic nightmarish-utopian vision of the future, 1984, summarizes the novel’s triumph of global tyranny over liberty, justice and truth. In the novel, Orwell traces: Winston Smith’s growing dissent to the ruling Party (personified by Big Brother); how his dissent is eventually detected by the Thought Police; and how he goes through re-education (including torture and brainwashing) in order to fit the facts of life to the Party’s dictated vision of reality.

It’s the Party that defines truth for everyone. We learn what Winston learns in the novel – that if we question the Party’s truth, we had better simply forget whatever we’re told we must forget. We had better accept contradictions to observed reality as perfectly normal, and we need to conform to Big Brother’s reality for the sake of personal peace and security. After all, it’s really not so hard for lies to become accepted truth! As Winston is required to learn, there is no such thing as external reality. Reality is in the mind – the mind of Big Brother.

 Orwell’s classic has often been considered a satire of the power politics and barbarism of Stalinism and other totalitarian systems. It is equally prophetic about the power of any ruling class to dictate what should and should not be accepted truth. And in our day, we are seeing Big Tech, Big Media and Big Government combining to become Big Brother.

In the novel, “The Ministry of Truth” disseminated lies through the rewriting of history and then repeatedly proclaiming those lies in the press. God was expelled and absolute truth abolished. The Party slogan was, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Now, in the world outside of the novel, the ruling group has for a long time told us that evolution is the truth. No question. And their “Thought Police” makes sure there is no debate about this “truth”. This dictated false “reality” through our schools and popular culture has led to an increasing godlessness and lawlessness in society.

In the world of 1984, false labels are rampant. For example, the prison facility where Winston is tortured and brainwashed is called “The Ministry of Love”. And the Party’s propaganda department – where Winston worked – is called “The Ministry of Truth”.

False labeling is a hallmark of tyranny. For example, the old Soviet Union’s newspaper was named Pravda (which means Truth in Russian). Where tyranny reigns, there is a tendency to promote one worldview narrative which is the opposite of the worldview found in the Bible. Today’s “Thought Police” are not only trying to make sure that everyone accepts evolution, they are also trying to ensure that everyone conforms to the false “reality” of the political Left – evolution’s supported political ideology.

Karl Marx and the later thinkers of Marxism realized that a government tyranny can be established to subvert the biblical worldview. Stirring up grievances with incessant indoctrination, the “oppressed” are pitted against the “oppressors”. And a great utopian deception is employed that power and abundance will accrue to the oppressed people from this false humanistic worldview.

Yet, as we recently have written, because of man’s fundamental depravity, utopia is never achieved. Any kind of humanism is flawed because mankind is fundamentally flawed by sin. And an elite group brings in their new “mandated utopia” with more godless oppression and their own addiction to government power. As with Nimrod at Babel and the various forms of Marxism we see today, the God of the Bible and the Christian faith stand in the way of an all-powerful State.

Ancient Israel was consecrated from its birth for the purposes of God. And many have seen similarities to that consecration with America at its founding. America has had great knowledge of God and great blessing from God which it has shared with the rest of the world. Yet, to whom much has been given, much is expected. And having known more and been blessed more, the fall is greater when falling from the consecrated purposes of God. Thus, like Israel under the hands of the Babylonians, America could be judged by God even through the hands of more pagan nations.

Global government, as seen in the efforts of the United Nations, hates Israel and favors socialism and other forms of authoritarianism. There is even a curious alliance that has emerged between the political Left and Islam – known now as the Islamo-Leftist Alliance.

 Many ideas are driving a globalist (one-world) government: Economic unity. High tech surveillance. China’s social credit system. Media withholding news and evidence. Big Tech monopoly and censorship. Corporate and governmental collusion for profits. Coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. Climate/environmental “disaster”. The “Great Reset” – as an opportunity envisioned for further global control. Eventually, the Bible says, there will be a global kingdom united under a figure called the AntiChrist.

The Bible is to be believed from the first pages of Genesis through the last pages of Revelation! And its truth brings wisdom, hope and salvation! We need to stand in it, rest in it and share it with others. The wonderful thing is that the brief reign of the AntiChrist will be followed by the everlasting Kingdom of the one true God in Christ!

 This is why we must continue to proclaim the truth of creation and of our great Creator! In Orwellian terms, secularists today “control the present, in order to rewrite the past, for purposes of also controlling the future.” The key idea which allows them to do so is evolution – the foundation for secular humanism and the official removal of God.

The Holy Spirit has made sure there is no error in what the Bible says in its original autographs. As creationists, we see this over and over again in all aspects of Scripture – scientific, historic, prophetic and so on. It is a joy to uncover that truth and to deeply abide in the wisdom of its passages about our Creator, Lord and Savior!

Author: Mark Cadwallader, Board Chairman Creation Moments

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