Author: Ian Taylor

    1. Introduction. Since the Creation Satan has had an agenda to replace the Creator God as the object of Man’s worship by himself. We recall that Man was made in the image of God and needs to worship his Creator. Satan’s attack has consisted of destroying God’s revealed truth to Man (the Bible) then so corrupting Man that Satan himself may be deified as God on earth.

    2. Scriptural Background. After the Flood, God introduced the death penalty (Genesis 9:6). This gave man permission to take the life of fellow man as justice for murder; it was in fact, the beginning of human government. At the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:1-9) the human race spoke one language and was about to become one nation. If this nation should ultimately become world-wide, any tyrant in control would thus be unopposed. For man’s own good, God divided them into many nations. We are reminded that he who controls a one-world State controls the world.

    3. Historical Background. Greek civilization reached its intellectual peak in the fourth and fifth centuries BC. Plato (428-327 BC) was the disciple of Socrates, founded The Academy and was the teacher of Aristotle;  these three men laid the philosophical foundations of Western culture while The Academy taught their works for over 900 years. Plato’s most influential work, The Republic, describes an ideal state ruled by wise men and since the 4th century BC has been the principal humanist objective. The Christian era introduced the Mosaic Law to Western culture and, with the rising influence of the Church, this became the foundation for Ecclesiastical Law i.e. the Judeo-Christian ethic; Roman Law was superimposed upon this. Finally, English Common Law was introduced between 1160 and 1270. The Renaissance period flourished between the 14th and 16th centuries and represented a break with the teachings of the past. In 1620 René Descartes (1596-1650) in Holland and Francis Bacon (1561-1626) in England both introduced their scientific methods as the prerequisite to the search for scientific truth. These methods effectively eliminated the Bible as the foundation for truth. Bacons laid the foundation for the Royal Society in 1662. Bacon also left an unfinished work, The New Atlantis that not only promoted Plato’s Republic (the Royal Society were the “wise men”) but also laid the foundation for Freemasonry that officially began in 1717. The common objective of the humanists, the Royal Society and Freemasonry is a New World Order based upon a one-world government. For this to be effective those governing must have absolute control of every aspect of human life including the communication of information. Prior to the Industrial Revolution (say, 1720 to 1850)  90% of families lived in the country, had an average of seven children, were largely self-sufficient and divorce was virtually unknown. With the introduction of machines to supplement or replace manpower from about 1720, the family was attacked from two directions: From Industry and from the State. Contrary to commom perception, Industry and State often work hand in hand. Today, multinational corporations virtually control the State.

    4. Effect of Industry. Steam engines provided the power and factories were built to house them and the workers; the workers now slept and worked in two different locations. Workers competed for work thus wages could be kept low, the unit cost of goods dropped and traditional tradesmen could not compete. Once goods could be counted they could be taxed by government. Following World War II, big industry and the military began a deliberate campaign of relocating the family head thus producing the nuclear family whose sole allegiance was to the organization. Women had achieved equal pay for equal work and feminist Betty Friedan encouraged them to join the labour force and have a career. Machines had largely obviated the need for much physical strength. These double-income families now caused housing prices to rise to meet this new family income level. The traditional single-income family was now left behind in the race to keep up with the Jones’.

    5. The Effect of the State. The American Revolution of 1776 was aimed at the ideals of Plato’s Republic and the exclusion of Roman Catholics from the new State. Christians rightly insisted on having an opposition party as a means of checks and balances against corruption. The French Revolution of 1789 dechristianized the country and was far more successful at introducing the one-party Republic. The French leaders saw the Church, the old regime and even the family as a threat to the State. They introduced the decimal system and attempted to metricate time itself.  The steady introduction of control over the family and the individual by the State has been through the avenues of: A) Education, B) Social programs and C) Taxation. A State in debt is today increasingly subject to multinational corporate control.

    6. The State and Education. Humanist historians “invented” the Dark Ages ascribing them to Christianity and thus by contrast elevated the humanist Enlightenment. Historians slanted history to emphasize the “Progress of Man” thus denying the Fall while writer Washington Irving ascribed belief in the flat earth to the Church. In the sciences, man and certainly animals, tended to become mere automata by the anatomist Vesalius (1514-1564) who failed to find the soul, by the discoveries of William Harvey who found the circulation of the blood and Alessandro Volta who found the electrical nature of nerve impulses. God’s role was down-graded by Isaac Newton’s  clock-work universe. In education, Horace Mann (1796-1859) founded the “normal school” in 1839 with the claim that fathers were not competant to teach their children but with the real motive to reindoctrinate all immigrant Catholic children. Legislation in 1840 forced attendance at State schools by seizure if necessary. It became evident that with Catholic, Protestant and Jewish children all in the same classroom, references to the role of religion in history had to be dropped if conflict was to be avoided. American educator John Dewey (1859-1952) introduced “Progressive Education” including the teaching of Darwinian evolution to the school system. Since the 1950’s belief in our supernatural origins has  been effectively expunged, by forbidding this teaching even making it illegal. Natualistic science and dismissal of prayer removed God from the educational system thus God’s Laws were also removed as moral authority standing between the State and the citizen. Today,  legislation is being enacted to ensure the indoctrination of students by one belief system (evolution) to the exclusion of another.

    7. The State and Social Programs. Following the Divorce Act in 1857 (UK) and the no-fault divorce Law of 1969 (US) the rate of divorce has increased steadily. Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) produced an impression that restraint on population was necessary and the number of children per family has dropped from an average of 7 in 1840 to 2 by 1940. Women in the labour force and loosening morals have resulted in later marriages while Planned Parenthood has fostered the notion that more than two children is socially irresponsible. Following WWII, the birth rate increased to four, mainly due to Catholics, but has declined since to an alarming 1.75 (US). With the introduction of mandatory State social programs e.g. pension programs, family taxation has increased dramatically and many former charitable organizations are now an arm of the State. The Children’s Aid Society founded by Charles Loring Brace (1826-1890) became affiliated with the SPCC in 1881 when the Law gave them power to remove children from “undesirable homes.” By 1974 and sanctioned by the State, they were given greater power. The number of homeless children in Europe in 1959 caused The United Nations to propose a Convention for the rights of the child. By 1991 this Convention was forced upon most western nations completely undemocratically. This Convention has the power to transfer the rights of the parent to the State and invests power with the untrained child. Article 3 states: “In all actions concerning children, the courts, social workers … are empowered to regulate families based upon their subjective determination of `the best interests of the child.’

    8. The State and Taxation. Two World Wars had left Western Governments virtually bankrupt. British economist, J.M.Keynes, proposed repayment of debt by ‘controlled inflation’ i.e. devaluation of the currency permitting the debt to be paid numerically but at lower value. Often the buget only allowed for payment of the interest on the national debt. The result is cash-strapped governments lose power of control to the vested interests of big corporations.

    9. Introduction of the Goddess. Throughout history megalomanic rulers such   as  the  King  of  Tyre  (Ezekiel 28:9) and  Roman  emperor, Caligula,  have believed themselves to be actual gods. Today, we read of the Earth goddess, Gaia, being offered to the public through the biology classroom! In 1933 a gathering of the western world’s foremost humanists produced their now infamous Humanist Manifesto in which their central belief was defined as: “Evolution is an unsupervised, impersonal, unpredictable and natural process.” The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) was set up specifically to combat the teaching of creation and used this same definition but in October 1997 they voted to remove the words “unsupervised” and “impersonal.” This imediately cleared the way for the words “supervised” and “personal” to later be added. The general public is generally unaware of the division within academic humanist circles. On the left hand are the arts faculties, many of whom are feminists and supporters of the homosexual agenda, who acknowledge the findings of science of clear-cut indications of intelligent design. On the right hand, there are the science faculties who are firmly committed to evolution and insist on random chance and time as the driving force. They correctly perceive the intelligent design argument will inevitably lead to a Designer and are caught between the prospect of giving credence to creation and its Creator or the introduction of a pagan deity. Either way, they see this as a loss of credibility. The concept of Gaia was introduced by James E. Lovelock in his book Gaia: A New Look at Life on Earth (1989) and has been dressed more respectably in the robes of science by Tylor Volk in his Gaia’s Body: Towards a Physiology of Earth (1998). The academic conflict has been finely documented by P. R. Gross & N. Levitt in their Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and its Quarrels with Science. (1994). The obvious evidences for intelligent design were forcefully brought before both the public and academia by Michael Behe in his Darwin’s Black Box (1996) while the words “intelligent design” can now be found in textbooks such as Year 2000 edition of Kingsley Stearn’s  Introductory Plant Biology (p.265). The concept of the goddess has always been present in cult religions but a new twist was introduced by United Methodist minister and feminist Susan Cady in her 1986 book Sophia. She rightly pointed out from Proverbs 1:20 that widom is in the femine gender. Then from 1 Corinthians 1:24, 30 she notes that Jesus is referred to as, “the wisdom of God.” Her conclusion is that the name “Jesus” should be replaced by “Sophia,” the Greek word for wisdom. In her second book, Wisdom’s Feast (1989), Cady opens her preface with these words: “She is strong and proud. She is creator and designer of all things.” Seen at the 1999 National Conference of the National Organization for Women (NOW), a banner sign reading: “MY GODDESS GAVE BIRTH TO YOUR GOD” Clearly, there is an agenda to replace Father God by Mother Earth!


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