The Power And Mission Of The Word Of God

Author: Paul A. Bartz

1. It is a wonderous thing for us human beings to have the Word of God, that very same powerful Word which formed the stars in space out of nothing and charged them with their incredible energy, among us for our use in the form of the Bible. Hebrews 11:3 gives us some sense of this power of the Word of God. The world in which we live is very real and it contains some incredible forces. Yet it, along with the stars, are all a result of God’s directive use of that powerful Word. Yet the most awesome application of that powerful Word is when a person is brought from rebellion against God to faith in His promises. Romans 10:17 describes how this works.

2. We dare never think of God’s awesome power as some impersonal force which is reserved, in our day, for “really big” miracles. If we do so, we will miss many of the great things God is doing as He continues His policy of personal involvement in the creation – the most important and evident sign of that policy of grace being His involvement in our lives through His Word. We will also be victims of the naturalistic, evolutionary thought which, if it even recognizes God at all, removes Him from personal, individual action in the world.

3. Consider the lowly microbe, for example. Although His Word was powerful enough to create the amazing immeasurable energy of stars, design the almost supernatural chemical structures and organs of a human being, and ultimately make us people new creatures who are fit citizens of heaven – despite all of these glorious powers and missions, God did not decide that this Word was too great to create thousands of different microbes. Single-celled creatures come in thousands of varieties (very few are harmful, none were at the beginning), each of which is an individual wonder of design and complexity. Even the term “simple cell” is somewhat evolutionary because it assumes that single-celled creatures are simple enough to have developed without supernatural intervention. In reality the single-celled creature in amazingly complex, even more complex in some ways than we are. Consider the fact that the microbe must digest without a stomach, get rid of wastes without even one of the marvelous organs we have for that purpose, and reproduce without any reproductive organs. Each of our cells are at the mercy of our other cells since none of our cells can leave the others and “make it on its own.” But the microbes, in thousands of different, carefully-planned designs, do it all the time! God’s detailed and loving care, even for microbes, demonstrates to us that the lowest thing in the creation is not too low for God to have carefully planned it out, nor is it too low for His continued care.

4. While this world has become burdened with sin because of our own actions, it is not in and of itself evil or of inferior quality. The creation is not a case of God’s “second best,” His best being the spiritual. In other words, our world is not too low for His continued personal involvement in our lives through His Word. This is the message of His Word in Scripture.

5. The power of the Word of God and Its purpose are evident all over Scripture. Jesus healed individuals through the power of His Word alone (for example Matthew 8:3, 8-13). He also calmed a storm by the power of His Word (Matthew 8:26), and commanded demons by that Word (Matthew 8:32). But all of these were signs which demonstrated that His Word is indeed God’s Word so that people would finally accept that which is harder to accept. That heart of His Word is the forgiveness of sins. And it is no accident that after Matthew 8 presents numerous examples of the power of God’s Word in the physical creation, Matthew 9 begins with the forgiveness of the paralytic’s sins by His simple Word.

6. In John 3:12 Jesus tells Nicodemus, “if I told you earthly things and you do not believe, how shall you believe if I tell you heavenly things?” If men today cannot believe the earthly things which God has accomplished by the power of His Word, beginning with the creation, how shall they believe, no less teach, about the heavenly things He is doing, beginning with the forgiveness of sins? May God grant us the clear knowledge of the earthly things He is doing and has done for us so that we can also better know the heavenly things.


1984 Bible Science Newsletter.

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