Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman


    So comrades come rally, for this is the time and place.
    The International Ideal unites the human race.
    The Internationale, 1871, E. Pottier

    Think globalism is a new thing? Think again.

    Going back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel, the Bible tells us that approximately 350 years following the earth-changing worldwide Flood of Noah, there was a one-world movement, not of God, but of mankind’s own talent and co-operation in a pagan, Satanic-inspired rejection of God.

    The above lines of the song The Internationale are from the English version of the anthem sung by leftist movements and parties worldwide – one of the most widely recognized songs in the entire world! Other lyrics include: “Stand up all victims of oppression…Those who have taken now they must give, and end the vanity of nations.… Let no one build walls to divide us… And so begins the final drama… We stand unbowed before their armor… Change will not come from above.” The principles espoused are rights for victims, redistribution of wealth, open borders, grass roots protest and revolution. But once transformation has occurred, what is the unifying principle? I see only the principle of unity for its own sake, unity itself in the pride of humanity. This is Babel.

    Mankind has always wanted to put itself first, willfully aligning itself with Satan’s deceit instead of God. And evolutionism is a fundamental tool of this deceit – the foundation for the worldviews we know as Pantheism, Humanism, Socialism, and Communism, among others.

    The irony is that by rebelling against God, the rightful and freedom-giving authority, man brings himself under bondage to evil authority. Thinking that he may find freedom from oppression, he actually submits himself to tormenting oppression! Such is the deception in our day of Socialism and Communism. These leftist political ideologies promise freedom from oppressive rule, but end up further oppressing people because the State becomes God – and mankind is no longer a sinner in need of redemption but a creature of evolution who is “perfected” and controlled by the State!

    What has happened with the ascendancy of modern science is that the unifying truths of the Bible and of Christianity have been discarded for what the late Francis Schaefer described as a two-tiered view of truth – one that separates truth into either “Facts” or “Values”. And Facts are given a superior ranking. Science, for example, is viewed as fact. Thus, evolution, being considered science, is promoted as fact. Values – since they are not considered facts – are all relative to individuals and cultures and, therefore, subjective. Religion is relegated to a “value”; God as “religion” is merely a value. With values being relative, the practiced values become those of the ruling party, the strongest man – which at Babel was Nimrod.

    With value relativism and so-called “science” as the truth standard, we have arrived at the ridiculous notion that evolution is more factual than God! Morality is perceived as “relative”, and, therefore, a modern view of law is that it is also relative to the whims and changes of society.

    If there be no cultural value that is understood to be “truthfully” superior (i.e., more true), then why shouldn’t we invite multi-culturalism? Why shouldn’t we allow the U.S. Constitution to “evolve” and accommodate all kinds of inconsistencies because other cultural norms should be entertained too?!

    Shortly after Noah and his sons left the Ark, God told them (Genesis 9:6) that murder of any man was to be punished by death for the reason that “in the image of God He made man.” The biblical account of creation says that we were “created in the image of God”, so that all people deserve dignity. This is a superior cultural notionand it was given to mankind through the father of all men alive on earth today!

    Every culture should be accountable to this superior notion, including those that espouse killing unbelievers and so-called honor killings. Yet, modern sensibility seems to want to allow inferior cultural norms to co-exist with superior ones. The United Nations, for example, allows countries with horrible human-rights abuses to rotate onto their Human Rights Commission. Unity for the sake of unity is simply Humanism – and the values become those of the dominant human, the current and local Nimrod.

    Those leftist movements and parties which have The Internationale as their anthem have had a long track record of descending into dictatorship, of induced poverty, oppression, and murderous genocide through the last 150+ years since Karl Marx first published his theories. As written previously in my letters, Marx and Engels – the founders of Socialism and Communism – were great admirers of Charles Darwin. Upon reading Darwin’s Origin of Species, Marx enthusiastically wrote: “…it contains the basis in natural history for our view… and… provides a basis in natural science for the historical class struggle.” Evolution has clearly propped up the leftist cause.

    But it is the Lord Himself who fights against the evils permeating our world today, and it is He who will vanquish Socialism, Communism and Darwinism. Creation Moments – and the people who support us – are honored to stand with Him on the battlefield that lies before us.

    Month after month we are seeing victories all around us. Recently, in fact, we translated the popular 101 Scientific Facts and Foreknowledge booklet into Spanish. By the time you receive this letter, many of these booklets will have been disseminated in Cuba by a team of short-term missionaries on a trip to visit many house churches there. Cuba, as you know, has had a long history of atheistic communism and is experiencing a ready harvest of souls for the gospel at this time in history.

    We are so thankful for your partnership with us in making these kinds of efforts possible!

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