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    Mark CadwalladerHe had “a blinding flash of penetrating insight”! The earth is not just teeming with life. The earth in a sense IS life!

    In the early 1970s, English scientist James Lovelock went public with his “Gaia Hypothesis” – conjuring up Gaia, the ancient Greek Mother Earth goddess, to a largely post-Christian, paganized Western Civilization. All the interconnected ecosystems of Planet Earth are supposedly part of a living, breathing, life-giving Mother. The hypothesis became quite popular – everything happens for the good of Planet Earth!

     Here was a throw-back to ancient pagan pantheistic religions – supported, of course, by the “science” of evolution. All the different ecosystems and re-circulations of water, carbon and nitrogen somehow evolved you see in a grand DANCE with the Planet as if part of a living body. And it gave birth to the myriad life-forms, including mankind. Who really needs God?! And, thus, in many ways, Western Civilization – though benefiting from Biblical Christianity – has slid into a Romans 1 post Christian culture where the creature (creation) has replaced the Creator. As the Bible says in Romans 1, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools who changed the truth of God into a lie and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator.

    From the 1970s on, environmentalism has achieved an extraordinarily high level of doctrinal agreement, zeal, and syncretistic participation from all faiths and educating institutions! It has become a unifying cause to promote One World harmony. This is another example of how a partial truth has been made into a grand lie under the devil’s deception. The biblical truth is that we are stewards, trustees, managers and tenant farmers to take care of God’s property and not abuse it. We wrote more about this in connection with environmental doomsday predictions in our May 2013 letter.*

    Sadly, environmentalism from this pagan perspective has become a religion of its own for many people, replacing the truth of the Bible. And in the last 30 years, it seems that all other types of environmental issues have taken a back seat to the threat of man-made “Climate Change”. Virtually every school kid, everywhere in the world, gets some level of training about this “dire problem”.

    From 1990 to the present day, the United Nations (UN) has used its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to regularly “assess the threat”. Of course, the Panel has plenty of corruption issues – just like another UN globalist agency, the World Health Organization. The WHO is prominently corrupt in its covering for Communist China during the Covid pandemic. As with Covid and with evolutionism, much conflicting data and expert opinion has been censored out of the mainstream and ridiculed. You can read about an example of such unreported alternative data in our letter of October 2019. And you can read our take on the Climate Gate scandal of 2009 in our January 2010 letter.*

     The Climate Gate scandal of 2009 clearly revealed high levels of corrupted information, and it resulted in ridicule and censorship being poured out on the heads of “Climate Deniers”!

    In the 30+ years of earnest Climate Change alarmism, every environmental hiccup has been blamed on the increase of “greenhouse gases”. And we’ve seen one discredited prediction after another. For instance: Many beaches and entire islands were going to disappear by 2020 due to rising sea levels. The arctic ice cap was going to become “ice free” in the summer by 2013. We were going to reach a “point of no return” if we didn’t transition away from “fossil fuels” by 2016. But none of these or many other predictions have come to pass!

    Bible-believing people like you can look to Job 26:10 for an answer about rising sea levels: “He has compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end”. In his Defenders Study Bible commentaries, Henry Morris affirms this as a statement about maximum sea levels, in line with the Noahic covenant of Genesis 9:11 following the Great Flood.

    Climate is so much more complex than what computer correlations and models can predict, especially with skewed data. And there are all kinds of accelerated mechanisms within the creation for balancing things out, such as consumption of CO2 by increased plant growth. The scientists simply don’t have it all figured out. Furthermore, it has become another totalitarian control mechanism, as practiced time and again under international communism and going all the way back to Nimrod at the Tower of Babel. You can read more detail about that kind of thing in our letters from August 2018, May 2019, and October 2020.*

    Syncretizing a Mother Earth goddess with mainstream religion took an interesting twist in October 2019. Many Catholic Christians were outraged that the liberal Pope Francis Bergoglio invited devotees of the Amazonian Mother Earth goddess Pachamama to perform a worship ritual to her. It was done in his presence at the Vatican, complete with a wooden idol! Then, one year later, in October of 2020, he issued a silver 10 euro commemorative coin with an image of a woman pregnant with the earth inside her.

    Here it is 2022, and we have seen Climate Change hysteria attack food production on the basis of a not-so-well-known greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, released from fertilizers. The government of Sri Lanka collapsed in July of this year in part from banned fertilizers. Their leaders were trying to become a model “green” agricultural economy to please globalist Climate Change groups. And farmers in the Netherlands and elsewhere are protesting their governments’ Climate Change-motivated policies against agriculture. So the “religious” zeal in favor of Climate Change is now driving potential major food shortages. As always, such “crises” play right into the hands of a police state.

    Here’s what I think. Instead of becoming the Church of the Green New Deal by being involved in “a dance with the Planet”, we should be involved in “a dance with the Living and Spirit-infused Word of God” – a “dance with the Holy Spirit inside us” as Christians! The Bible says the Spirit is “springing up” exuberantly within us like an everlasting spring of “living water” (John 4:14, John 7:38)!

    Our task as Christians is to keep turning away from the many idols that are out there to distract us and lead us into apathy and discouragement. Instead, we can grab hold of the passionate purposes and callings of God, the coat-tails and the embracing arms of the “springing” and “flowing” Holy Spirit within! Let Him inform and energize us! This is the source of a truly fruitful endeavor and of love, joy, and peace forevermore.

    There is so much that we can do together at this important time in history! God bless you for standing with us as we battle the lies that are steadily leading our world astray.

    * Throughout this letter, I have referred to other letters I’ve written about the Climate Change hoax. Find them all on our website at:

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