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    For over a century, communist influence has worked to foment division and subvert democratic freedoms as well as Biblical Christianity around the globe. These days, that influence has found a different tack for sowing bitterness between “oppressed” peoples and their “oppressors”.

    Classic Marxist Grievance: Proletariat (workers) vs. Bourgeoisie (capitalist/professional class).

    Revised Neo-Marxist Grievance: “People of Color” vs. “White Supremacy”.

    In communist ideology, God is a threat to the unrivaled power of the State. Godless thinking has already achieved a great deal of control over much of the education system. For example, creation science has been censored for years, while evolutionism – with all its flawed and debunked arguments, including its racialized divisions of mankind – has been taught as fact.

    Marxist strategy is to subvert the foundations of decency and freedom in civilization – if not by revolutionary fervor, then by a steady chipping away. Undermine the current institutions, and you can set things up for a new Tower of Babel – a new one-world elite-party rule. A consequence of Marxist influence in education is that America is often described as an evil nation whose every advance came at the expense of “people of color”. Yet, the truth is that America has advanced the ideas of freedom and equality more than most any other nation in history!

    The ideals of “freedom under God” derive, of course, from the Bible, which has been observed accurately to be the main source for public good in civilization as we know it. From the Bible we get that man has been endowed with “God-given rights” of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. From the Bible we understand that “the rule of law” transcends any one person or party. From the Bible we understand man’s inherently flawed and sinful nature so that for good government, we need checks and balances to prevent the accumulation of power. And from the Bible we can see why the Scientific Revolution took place in Christian Europe, not elsewhere, right on the heels of the Protestant Reformation.

    In a biblical worldview, God was and is the great covenant-making, principle-giving, law-giving Creator. Therefore, His created works and the Bible can be studied directly, objectively, and literally – and they are expected to be dependable! There’s no need to impose a filter of outside philosophies, traditions or authorities. This is why western man came up with the Scientific Method which led to modern science.

    In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses for reform of the Catholic Church on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral. The moveable metal type printing press had already enabled high-volume printing for 70 years since Johannes Gutenberg in the 1440s and print shops were spreading over Europe. From Luther and other reformers, printed tracts and pamphlets about the grand ideas of faith and freedom in Christ, the authority and blessing of the Bible, and the sacred scriptures themselves were able to flow into the hands of people throughout Europe and then the world. They stimulated a lot of thinking. Per the biblical “dominion mandate”, people realized that it is our privilege and honor “to search out a matter” established by our Creator (Proverbs 25:2).

    By 1620, Francis Bacon had formalized the Scientific Method as a way to “study God’s works”. Isaac Newton (1642-1726) – still considered to be history’s most world-impacting physicist and mathematician – demonstrated the influence of the Reformation as did so many of the early scientific greats. His contemporaries considered him a very insightful and erudite theologian. And he wrote many religious tracts dealing with the literal interpretation of the Bible!

    In effect, “the Christian base gave people faith in the possibility of science”, as described by Alfred North Whitehead, the famous philosopher of science. Even if individual scientists in the West were not Christian, they were living within the thought forms brought by Christianity. Indeed, when we look at history, Chinese science and Arab science, for example, faltered and fell far short of the achievements of Western Civilization.

     History reveals the advantages of holding to a biblical worldview. It reveals that the solution to racism is not more racism, as with the reverse-racism of Marxist Critical Race Theory. Believing and living according to the Word of God, being energized by its infusing Spirit and the personification of that Word in Jesus Christ are the key. All peoples can equally benefit from adopting a biblical worldview and throwing aside pagan ideas, false religions and godless philosophies.

    Once again, we can go back to Genesis and reading it as the true historical narrative that it is, we can note some historical foreknowledge of people-group differences currently being exploited by Marxist propaganda. Shortly after the Ark of Noah came to rest in the “mountains of Ararat”, Noah, having been found in the shameful aftermath of drunkenness, was essentially mocked by his youngest son Ham. But he was treated very honorably and with an act of restoration by his two other sons, Shem and Japheth. The Bible records that Noah then spoke in response to that treatment in prophetic foreknowledge. He said that the descendants of Japheth (progenitor of European people groups) would be “enlarged” and would “dwell in the tents of Shem” (Genesis 9:27). Shem was, of course, the ancestral line of Abraham who “believed God” and with whom God covenanted to become the spiritual father to all who would believe the gospel and be “counted righteous” such that in him “all nations shall be blessed.”

    Blessings of all kinds, now and especially in eternity, follow from faith and fidelity to the truth of God’s written and living Word. This accrues to any and all “people groups”, all of whom are flawed and in need of the Savior. All are of one blood through Noah and Adam.

    As science and history continue to play catch-up to the Bible, we are finding more and more reason to believe it literally. Five months ago, we discussed in these newsletters how the Bible is incredibly accurate in its presentation of God as creator of time, matter and space. The God of the Bible transcends time and space – which we now know to be another example of biblical foreknowledge since time and space are linked together as the time-space continuum. In fact, the more we learn about space, the more we understand that the Bible is literally true, even in its opening portions.

    Thank you for standing with us as we proclaim the Word of God to all the world!

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