Viewpoint of Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

    From inside the giant wooden horse, a group of warriors was able to climb out when it was dark so they could quietly open the city gates from the inside. And so the mighty city of Troy fell – from the inside. The “Trojan horse” was a grand deception which allowed for the entry of a subversive force into the unsuspecting interior – and the term to this day is synonymous for such entry.

    Evolutionism, as we have written about many times in these letters, has in various ways been a Trojan horse for subversion of the Church; for subversion of Judeo-Christian culture; and for subversion of Western Civilization. Like the walled city of Troy, accepting evolutionism within the gates of the city has led to great destruction and defeat on many fronts. Among other things, evolution has been used to bully people and justify:

    • Unbelief in God and unbelief in the Bible
    • Supporting the method of so-called “higher criticism” in theology which has corrupted and liberalized church doctrines
    • Eugenics and pseudo-scientific support for racism (exploited famously by the Nazis and by Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood)
    • Hedonism and the sexual revolution (“be the animal that you really are inside!”)
    • Justification for abortion (“the baby has to ‘evolve’ in the womb first”)
    • Survival of the fittest (“it’s the way of nature”) which helped justify “total war”, including the two horrific World Wars of the twentieth century
    • Supporting the false utopias and authoritarian states of socialism and communism with all their destruction of freedom and generation of misery and death

    We’ve recently discussed how “Climate Change” is essentially also a Trojan horse for political and economic conversion to socialism. The planet, they say, is in terrible danger from increasing levels of CO2, so free-enterprise must be suppressed, and people and economies must be forced to change.

    According to Marxist thinkers, there are two types of revolution: (1) Violent/political revolution and (2) Cultural revolution. Their goal is for “proletariats” (the “victim” classes) to become so dissatisfied and unhappy that they will be enticed into a political revolution against the “ruling class”. This is what happened in Russia, China and other countries, for example. If this doesn’t work, then cultural revolution needs to take place. A “long march through the institutions” needs to occur in a gradual demolition of the established order from within. So bring in the Trojan horses to subvert the culture – the end justifies the means!

    As Willi Münzenberg and other cultural Marxists have said, the objective is to rot the foundations of Western Civilization to the point where “it has become so corrupt it stinks”. Consider the words of Ecclesiastes 9:3: “…the heart of the sons of men is full of evil, and madness (insanity) is in their heart while they live”. So promoting corruption is not difficult. But Christianity and

    Judeo-Christian governing principles – with their crucial positive effects on mitigating and channeling the natural depravity of man – has contributed immensely to the great strengths and accomplishments of Western Civilization. And so, biblical morality, traditions and principles have become a primary target of Marxist thinkers.

    What is especially interesting is that Islam has now become a visible ally with socialists and progressives in this effort to undermine Judeo-Christian culture. An Islamo-Leftist Alliance (to use the phrase coined in the last 20 years) has been noted in both Europe and America, as Muslim immigrants migrate to the free world of traditional Western Civilization.

    Why would there be an alliance between two so dissimilar worldviews? After all, the libertine secular philosophies of the left are diametrically opposed to religiously driven Sharia law in submission to Allah. The primary answer is that the Islamo-Leftist Alliance is united against a common enemy – the Judeo-Christian, i.e. biblical, Alliance.

    We have seen this emerge recently as Muslims began to participate in free-world governments. The political left has provided cover and support for anti-semitic commentary from Muslim governing officials. And they share the values of withdrawing support for Israel in favor of Palestine, and of fomenting grievances by minorities and perceived “victim classes” against the “ruling class” in western democracies. They also share their desire to avoid assimilating to the Judeo-Christian society of Western Civilization. They want to change it! As Karl Marx said, “Philosophers have only interpreted the world. The point, however, is change it.” And Islam, which means “submission”, is all about getting “unbelievers” to submit to Allah through Sharia law. So this also requires changing the ruling culture of the western democracies.

    There is furthermore a shared legitimizing of deception, or disinfomation. With both the Left and Islam, the end justifies the means. The final “utopian” ideology is worth whatever it takes to get there. Whether it be violent revolution or “offing” political prisoners or sending them to the Gulag or killing the “infidel” through suicide bombing to obtain a better reward in heaven, both the political Left and Islam are ideologies which have historically condoned whatever it takes to achieve their triumph.

    We’ve discussed previously some of the deceptions advanced by the Left to achieve their ends, using evolutionism and climate change, for example, to undermine Judeo-Christianity and the free-enterprise which derives from the biblical ideals. But Islam also has a concerted doctrine of deception. It is called al-Taqiyya (which means “prudent dissimulation, concealment, misrepresentation, deceit”). In other words, lying is to be utilized officially when Muslims are in the minority under a non-Muslim ruling class … until they assume political power.

    Like evolution, climate change and socialism’s “long march through the institutions”, with Islam we have another Trojan horse attempting to enter the gates of the city. Christians must be vigilant – informed and praying. Thankfully, the Bible tells us that despite all the tools of the adversary, “the gates of hell shall not prevail against it (the Church built on the rock of Jesus Christ!” So we thank you for staying strong with us and informed, praying and engaging in the most crucial spiritual warfare of our day.

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