Job 37:10
“By the breath of God frost is given: and the breadth of the waters is straitened.”

According to evolutionary theory, all matter and energy were the result of a huge explosion called the “Big Bang.” The laws that matter and energy must follow are also the result of that same great explosion. As a further result of these beliefs, evolutionists are convinced that things behave the way they do quite accidentally.

amazing waterThe first question that comes to mind is: How could an accident have produced the seemingly careful designs we see in the way certain important materials behave? Consider water, for example. Water is essential to life. Water, which is the basis of our blood, carries dissolved food to the deepest cells in our bodies along with oxygen so that our cells can live. Water dissolves the wastes and behaves in just the right way so that other organs can remove those wastes from our bodies. Is it an accident that only water, the very same material basic to the materials of life, also can do all these other unique jobs?

Water also refuses to act like most other materials. For example, we all know that when any material is turned from a liquid to a solid, it becomes more dense and therefore heavier. But when water freezes into ice, it doesn’t do this; it gets lighter. If it got heavier, ice would sink in our northern lakes when it formed, and they would quickly freeze solid, killing all life in them.

The unique properties of water are only a few of the millions of so called accidents that had to happen “just so” – in harmony with millions of other details – in order to make life possible. All by itself, simple water testifies to a wise Creator.

Dear Father, I thank You for the wonderful way in which You have designed blood to work. But most especially do I thank You that Your Son, Jesus Christ, shed His blood on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins. Let me never take that wonderful blessing for granted in any word, deed or thought. In His Name. Amen.


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