An Intelligent Fungus?

Matthew 6:11
“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Late at night, in hundreds of thousands of homes around the country, people are watching a bewildering array of monster movies. In these films, shadowy and not-so-shadowy monsters attack, possess or inhabit their victims. These stories are make-believe. However, in our real world, there is a fungus that does all these things.

These fungi grow in and on the bodies of insects. They begin their work when a single fungus spore lands on the body of an insect. The spore germinates by growing thread-like filaments through a weak spot or some other entry point in the insect’s outer shell. Once inside the insect, these thread-like filaments grow into the insect’s nervous system. Scientists have been amazed by the apparent fact that the fungus then seems to take over the insect, actually controlling its movements. It seems that the fungus directs its victim to climb a convenient plant to a height that will make the next generation of spores likely to land on another unsuspecting insect. It is there that the insect dies and the fungus produces its spores.

To the evolutionist, the ability of such a so-called “low” form of life to possess and control a more evolved form of life is totally without explanation. To those of us who believe in creation, intelligence is not a matter of evolution. Intelligence is the gift of a Creator. Only He has all intelligence and wisdom. There are no limits to His creativity as He provides His creatures with ways to proclaim Himself as their Creator.

Father, there are no obstacles for You as You fulfill Your promise to provide for all my needs. Help me to remember this as I faithfully look to You to meet my needs. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

REF.: Perry, Donald R. 1984. The creeping killers. Science Digest, Feb. p. 82. Photo: Cordyceps By Andreas Kunze CC BY-SA 3.0

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