Psalm 139:14
“I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

On our previous program, we told you how evolutionists enjoy finding fault with what they consider to be bad designs in nature – particularly the poorly designed human body. They aren’t using such arguments to critique evolution, of course. They are poking an accusing finger into the eye of God. If God is so smart, they taunt, why did He make so many mistakes?

Dr. Randy GuliuzzaAs physician and Institute for Creation Research speaker Randy Guliuzza points out in the book Creation Basics and Beyond, it is evolutionists who are badly mistaken. Evolutionists, he writes, “are ignorant of the full function of the parts they criticize and are ignorant of principles governing design…. Claims that something is poorly designed are not equivalent to data-supported facts.”

Dr. Guliuzza – a physician who knows the human body inside and out – also writes that evolutionists are “ignorant, from a design perspective, of the need to balance several competing interests.” In fact, he adds, “design tradeoffs are actually a better indicator of intelligence behind a design.”

But here’s what I believe may be the best example of why the bad-design argument is a bad argument and just plain silly. The late evolutionary biologist George Williams once claimed that humans having two eyes was a bad design. “Is there a good functional reason for having two eyes? Why not one or three or some other number?”

This makes me wonder if Williams had ever heard about depth perception. Apparently not.

Heavenly Father, it’s ironic that people who don’t even believe You exist are so eager to criticize You! I pray that You will show them how foolish and illogical they are being. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Randy Guliuzza, M.D., “The Mistakes in Evolutionary Arguments Against Life’s Design,” Creation Basics and Beyond, pp. 111-117 (Institute for Creation Research, 2013). Photo: Dr. Randy Guliuzza.