Proverbs 16:33

“The lot is cast into the lap; but the whole disposing thereof is of the LORD.”

 Every so often, it is important to remind ourselves why we believe what we believe. The reason why we do not believe in the theory of evolution is that it is contrary to the way God said He made things. It is said that evolution tells us how God made the world, while Genesis tells us why God made it. This is not the case. There are places in the Bible, such as Isaiah 45 where God indeed tells us why He created, but Genesis 1 is not one of them. Genesis 1 simply reports how God made everything.

If evolution were true, then the very first living cell would have had to be formed from inorganic molecules getting together and producing a self-replicating structure. This would require information, and that information would presumably be in a molecule similar to DNA, or perhaps RNA. Yet, molecules do not react by themselves to cause such a structure to emerge. Chance does not create the required structures and information.

As long ago as 1966, H. Enoch was saying, “Our hope of producing life seems to be dwindling away as our knowledge of cell chemistry advances.” A random selection of letters does not produce the works of Shakespeare. In the same way, order and complexity in nature exist only because that is the way God has planned and designed it to be. Some things may look random at times, but they are not.    Author: Paul F. Taylor

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, that nothing in this universe has happened by chance. You are in charge of it all, and we praise You. Amen.

Ref: Enoch, H. (1966), Evolution or Creation (Rushden: Evangelical Press), p. 60. Image: Public Domain

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