Romans 3:20
“Therefore by the deeds of the law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.”

Some time ago, we told you about the nineteenth-century paleontologist Louis Dollo, who proposed a law that has become a cornerstone of evolutionary belief. Dollo’s law says that  a structure or organ lost during the course of evolution would not reappear in that organism. In other words, evolution never shifts into reverse.

Louis Dollo supervising the mounting of an Iguanodon skeletonBut even a recent issue of Smithsonian Magazine points out that Dollo’s law has been broken again and again. For instance, it mentions a tree frog from South America that lost its lower teeth only to re-evolve them after 200 million years.

Apparently, Dollo’s law has now been broken yet again. According to a recent study of the wrists of modern birds, a bone lost from dinosaurs for tens of millions of years reappeared when dinosaurs evolved into birds and took flight.

But wait! According to Dollo’s law, evolution never goes backward. Structures which have disappeared should not return. Ever faithful to Darwinism, the magazine is left to conclude: “Perhaps the very bone you are sitting on, your coccyx, is ready to re-evolve a tail at some future moment when humans might need it again to hang from trees.”

Dollo’s law should be true if you’re an evolutionist but it isn’t. But the law established by our Creator is true, and it condemns each and every one of us because we have broken that law. Christians can thank God for that law, however, because it drives us to seek salvation in Christ.

Lord Jesus, thank You for taking upon Yourself the punishment I deserve for breaking Your commandments. Because of Your sinless life, Your death on the cross and Your resurrection from the dead, I can look forward to eternal life with You! Amen.

“The Wrists of Birds Reveal Evolution Undoing Itself”,, February 2015. Painting: Louis Dollo supervising the mounting of an Iguanodon skeleton.