Fish Learn in Schools, Too!

Psalm 119:7
“I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgments.”

Today we’re going to a school of fish to learn about the wisdom that God built into some 20,000 different species of fish.

First of all, fish don’t learn how to school; they know how to school instinctively at birth. Schooling Fish Learn in Schoolshas advantages for fish, and some schools can have over a million fish in them! You see, schools offer a lot of protection from predators.

Did you ever wonder why, when a school of fish is attacked or simply startled, the fish don’t run into each other – but radiate away from the threat like exploding fireworks? Oh yes, they can all see each other; they can tell where the fish next to them are going. But schooling fish also have special organs, called lateral lines, running along the length of their bodies just under the skin. These organs are filled with sensitive hairs, which sense the movement of water around the fish, so that each fish has a better sense of the speed and direction of its neighbor from subtle movements in the water.

It is clear that the advantages of schooling, plus the special organs that schooling fish have to help them school, are not the products of genetic accidents and chance. They are testimony to a Creator Who cares for all the creatures He has made. And if He so cares for fish, how much more does He seek you and desire a relationship with you through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Father, You let nothing in Your creation stand and wait for Your love, but You are always with us. Help me to learn more of Your presence in my life and better learn to reject those who account for everything in life by chance or accident. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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