Genesis 5:32
And Noah was five hundred years old: and Noah begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth.”

How did Noah have sons and build the Ark when he was 500 years old? Today, scientists can measure a marked decline in mental abilities even in a healthy 50 year old man. Undoubtedly there are several factors, with God behind each of them. However, one of the answers appears to be nutrition.

Paul Gyorgy (1893-1976), Hungarian-American pediatrician who helped discover vitamin B6Research done by Tufts University showed that middle aged men with the lowest amount of vitamin B6 in their blood only scored half as well as men of the same age with the highest level of vitamin B6. Another four year study looked at a population of people in which 15 percent could be expected to develop Alzheimer’s disease. It found that not one person who took vitamin E or C developed the disease. A Framingham Heart study found that people who ate three extra servings of fruits and vegetables a day reduced their stroke rate by 22 percent. University of New Mexico researchers looked at the effects of vitamin B supplements in older people. They found that those who took the supplements not only scored higher on mental functions than those who did not, but they even did as well or better than young people. Over 50 studies have confirmed that ginkgo biloba helps memory and concentration, reduces confusion and mitigates effects of Alzheimer’s disease.

Our wise Creator has given us powerful nutritional tools to help our earthly time be healthy and productive. Perhaps Noah and the other long lived ancients knew more about how to eat healthily than we do.

Lord, make my life here healthy until You call me home to Yourself. Amen.

USA Weekend, 3/5/00, p. 7, “Important News your brain can use.” Photo: Paul Gyorgy (1893-1976), Hungarian-American pediatrician who helped discover vitamin B6.