Has Evolution Produced Anything of Practical Value?

Job 38:4
“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? declare, if thou hast understanding.”

Many of our listeners are familiar with the name of Dr. Don Batten. This plant scientist and creationist is the author of countless books and articles as well as booklets on science topics that Creation Moments has distributed over the years. Recently we came across an interview where Dr. Batten was asked to respond to the claim being made by evolutionists that science would be impossible without evolution.

Don BattenListen closely to what he said: “I don’t know anything of practical value in science that has come out of evolutionary thinking. In fact,” he added, “evolutionary daydreaming has given rise to many dead ends.” As an example, he mentioned “the inappropriate treatment of back pain – trying to make our backs more like those of our supposed ape ancestors – which,” he added, “actually makes back problems worse.”

But Dr. Batten wasn’t finished: “Then there are the false notions that some organs are useless leftovers of evolution, or that DNA that we don’t understand is ‘junk’. Such ideas,” he said, “impede scientific progress, as they influence scientists not to bother investigating their function.”

He also mentioned the many frauds committed in the name of evolution – like Haeckel’s embryo drawings, Piltdown Man and the feathered dinosaur Archaeoraptor. All of these and many more hoaxes have stood squarely in the way of scientific progress.

So, young people, if you love science, do what Dr. Batten has done – become a creation scientist and accomplish great things!

Prayer: Heavenly Father, though I know that science has become hostile to people of faith, I pray that You will make a way for young people to serve You as creation scientists. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Author: Steven J. Schwartz
Ref: “Harvesting Real Fruit,” Busting Myths: 30 Ph.D. scientists who believe the Bible and its account of origins, edited by Jonathan Sarfati and Gary Bates, p. 64 (Creation Book Publishers, 2015). For more information about Dr. Batten’s scientific credentials and list of his published articles and books: http://creation.com/dr-don-batten-cv. Photo: Don Batten, courtesy of Creation Ministries International. (Fair Use)

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