Scientists Admit Bankruptcy of Big Bang Theory

Genesis 1:1
“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

A young student once asked Martin Luther what God was doing before He made the creation. Luther is said to have responded by telling the young man, “He was making switches to use on children who ask foolish questions.” Now some evolutionary physicists are asking what the universe was like before the big bang.

Scientists admit bankruptcyTraditional big bang theorists have always said that there was nothing before the big bang. However, all evolutionary physicists know that the big bang theory has some major problems. For instance, in the earliest moments of the big bang, theory says that the universe would have had an infinite density and temperature. Another problem is that no known physics applies to these earliest moments of the universe. A physicist with the European Laboratory for Particle Physics proposed that the universe did exist a long time before the big bang. He theorized that it was just large enough so that it was not infinite in temperature or density and about one sixteenth of an inch across. He further theorized that the universe existed for a long time in this condition. He described the pre-big bang universe as being in the simplest state that you could imagine, a condition he called “the state of triviality”. Traditional physicists point out, however, that the theory is also filled with unprovable assumptions.

The real lesson here is that neither the big bang theory nor any other theory that we can conceive can account for the universe. Only God’s hand can explain the universe we see.

I praise You, Lord, for Your Word is always trustworthy. Amen.

New Scientist, 6/3/00, pp. 24-27, “Before the Big Bang.” For more information from a biblical perspective about the big bang theory, go to and do a search on “big bang”. Search results will include articles, scripts of other Creation Moments broadcasts and products available at our online bookstore.