Psalm 81:15

“The haters of the LORD would pretend submission to Him, but their fate would endure forever.”

The animal we feature on today’s Creation Moments is so new to science it hasn’t even been classified according to genus as this is written. Yet the mimic octopus is the talk of the scientific world.

Found in the Indo‑Pacific area, the mimic octopus has proportionately longer arms than other octopuses. The mimic octopus also has a very narrow waist that aids in its disguises. When approached, one mimic octopus mimicked a flounder, flattening its body and pointing its legs in one direction. Then it began to swim with undulating motion over the bottom, just as a flounder would. Mimic octopuses have also been seen to mimic starfish, jellyfish, giant crabs, lionfish, seahorses, anemones, stingrays and other creatures. One researcher was studying what he was convinced was a new species of mantis shrimp. It turned out to be a mimic octopus. If the possible threat is not fooled, a mimic octopus will morph through a variety of animals. Octopuses are generally seen as intelligent animals. However, the ability of the mimic octopus to mimic both the form and behavior of a range of animals puzzles scientists.

According to evolutionary theory, such high intelligence evolves only in social animals, and mimic octopuses are solitary creatures. So where did such intelligence come from? We can easily explain that its intelligent Creator gave it the intelligence it needed to fool predators for its own survival.     Author: Paul A. Bartz

Prayer: Lord, help me always to be honest, especially with You. Amen.

Ref: Asian Diver, (on‑line), 5/22/00. Photo: Thaumoctopus mimicus by Steve Childs – Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic