The Most Interesting Sounds You've Never Heard

Psalm 77:17
“The clouds poured out water: the skies sent out a sound: thine arrows also went abroad.”

We are surrounded by sounds, some of which can be louder than an airliner taking off. Yet, we never hear these sounds. It’s called infrasound. It’s real sound that can be recorded if you have the right equipment.

Pillow lava formed by submarine volcanoInfrasound waves are below 20 hertz, the lowest frequency we can hear. Because the sound waves are long, they can travel hundreds or even thousands of miles. Volcanic eruptions regularly generate infrasound and so does the wind. But, perhaps most interestingly, those beautiful Northern Lights that often color the night sky also generate infrasound. The sound is produced when the incoming solar particles push the air outward. While we are not able to hear infrasound, it does influence us. Researchers in England placed an infrasound generator in a concert hall and, during the performance, infrasound was added at selected points. After the concert, the audience was asked about their emotions during certain passages of music, or if they had experienced any strange feelings during the concert. Researchers concluded that infrasound intensified whatever emotional state the music had produced in people. So, if you have ever watched the Northern Lights and thought you were almost hearing something, it was likely the infrasound you were sensing.

The more we learn about the creation God has given us, the more we find to marvel at how excellent is His workmanship.

Father, You have been so generous to us, not only in the creation You have given us, but also in Your love in Christ.

Science News, 1/10: 2004, pp. 26-28, Kate Ramsayer, “Infrasonic Symphony.” Photo: Pillow lava formed by submarine volcano. (PD)