Psalm 12:6
“The words of the LORD [are] pure words: [as] silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.”

Because it is sometimes connected to New Age religion, acupuncture is often seen as something negative. However, stripped of its pagan mumbo-jumbo, acupuncture has a sound medical basis.

Medical researchers have shown that acupuncture stimulates certain nerves to produce natural pain-killing chemicals. These natural drugs can produce the effect of a sedative, anesthetize, and Western Acupunctureeven lower heart rate. Researchers continue to debate just how acupuncture does this. But there is little debate that the benefits are real.

When we think of acupuncture, we usually think of the East and its religions. However, it appears that the East did not have a monopoly on acupuncture. Veterinarians today still rely on an old device that produces the same effects. The twitch has been used in the Western hemisphere since the Middle Ages. It’s a hoop of metal or even a loop of rope that is tightened around a horse’s upper lip. It quiets the horse and makes him appear to be sleepy. Research shows that the horse’s heart rate will drop below normal, and levels of natural pain killers in the horse’s blood will double. Even when given an injection, the horse’s heart rate will barely reach normal. Was such knowledge once part of man’s God-given knowledge about the creation?

Knowledge that is handed down by word of mouth can be lost or its message confused. We thank God that He did not depend on word of mouth, but on direct inspiration, to record His Word for us!

I thank You, Lord, that it is not upon men that I depend for Your Word. Increase within me the desire to learn more of Your inspired revelation in Scripture and apply it to my life so that I might live to Your glory. Amen.

“It’s Nature’s Way of Saying, Whoa!” Science 84, Dec., p. 6. Photo: Acupuncture chart from the Ming Dynasty.

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