02022A December – End of Year Donation

To thank you for your year-end gift of $10.00 or more, we will send you a brand new resource from ICR. Fascinating Creatures: Evidence of Christ’s Handiwork.

Takes a look at the weird, wacky and wonderful creatures that only Biblical Creation can explain. The more you examine such creatures, the more you’ll be in awe of God for His amazing craftsmanship, exquisite engineering, and creative variety.

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The Lord Jesus Christ, our Creator, has filled His world with an astonishing number of weird, wacky, and wonderful creatures.  The more we examine them, the more we’re in awe at their amazing craftsmanship,  exquisite engineering, and creative variety.

Fascinating Creatures: Evidence of Christ’s Handiwork takes a look at features only creation can explain. How else do we account for the platypus, a seemingly oddball mixture of mammal, bird, and reptile. Or poison dart frogs that don’t poison themselves? or octopuses that “taste” with their tentacles?

Cross the desert, swim the ocean, and fly the breeze as you explore some of God’s fascinating creatures.