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This 800 page book is  a comprehensive commentary on Genesis 1–11. We are excited to offer this book to you because it defends such creationist positions as creation in six consecutive normal days, death resulting from Adam’s fall, a globe-covering Flood, confusion of languages at Babel and many more.

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The Genesis Account: A Theological, Hisorical, and Scientific Commentary on Genesis 1-11
by Jonathan Sarfati

This classic commentary on Genesis 1-11 contains a thorough analysis of the text itself, and has a number of features that set it apart from many other Genesis commentaries.

It defends the biblical creationist position: creation in six consecutive normal days, death resulting from Adam’s fall, and a globe-covering Flood, and confusion of languages at Babel, and in the process it explains how the rest of the Bible interprets Genesis in the above straightforward manner. While skillfully documenting how interpreters throughout Church history have taught the above, and that long-age death-before-sin views were a reaction to 19th-century uniformitarian geology, it also provides cutting-edge scientific support for the Genesis history.

Importantly it demonstrates that all doctrines of Christianity begin in Genesis 1-11, and straightforwardly answers the most common objections to a plain understanding of these crucial Genesis texts.


Creation Moments Volume 228 CD

Features 30 of our recent radio broadcasts that provide irrefutable evidences that creation didn’t evolve but was made by God.