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The secular world cannot deal with the Global Flood, as described in the Bible.  Instead, unbelievers and evolutionists interpret the sedimentary rocks and fossils as the result of vast ages of geological and biological evolution. Cultures across the world  have ancient historical accounts of a massive destructive flood. The universality of the flood stories and their similarity to the Bible cannot be explained unless they are based on an event that actually took place.

In this set of  the book, The Global Flood and two DVDs, The World that Perished and The Horror of the Flood, learn more about the catastrophe event  recorded in the Bible, the answers to key questions and the evidence that proves the flood is not merely a story but an actual event that disproves the evolutionary theory of a world millions and millions of years old.


The Global Flood – The Global Flood helps to meet a great need today. It is comprehensive. It is aimed at those who are not experts in earth sciences. People everywhere need to understand the true significance of the year-long, mountain-covering Deluge that buried and fossilized trillions of marine and land animals and plants only a few thousand years ago. Over 95 percent of these fossils — even within sedimentary strata seen in the highest mountains of the world — are marine creatures!

The World That Perished DVD – Of all of the historical events recorded in the Bible, Noah’s Ark and the Flood has been the most difficult for many people to accept, especially in this “modern” age. The World That Perished brings to life the world’s most awesome catastrophe in a way that even the most hardened skeptic will find convincing. This beautifully illustrated DVD provides scientific and historic evidence that the Bible is true, and it concludes with a powerful presentation of the gospel.

Horror of the Flood DVD – The Most Catastrophic Event in History. In this DVD, Mike Snavely of Mission Imperative covers key aspects of the flood by answering such questions as: Is there evidence for a global flood? Why was there a flood? What happened, and how? What was the ark really like? What did the flood cause? The video is excellent for equipping the members of your Sunday School class, youth group or small group to give an intelligent answer to those who believe in evolution.

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