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For a donation of $80 or more we will send you Carved in Stone: Geologic Evidence of the Worldwide Flood. In this  beautifully illustrated, 496-page hardcover, ICR geologist Dr. Timothy Clarey presents a boatload of undeniable evidences that the Genesis record is absolutely true! As the apostle Peter said, “Indeed, the only way to deny Biblical inerrancy is to be willfully ignorant.” You’ll want this book for your coffee table and for family and friends to return to it again and again!

We will also send you the blockbuster resource The Transgender Agenda: A Scientific and Compassionate Response. This powerful 28-minute DVD plus an additional 60 minutes of bonus interviews – shows how important it is to safeguard our children and grandkids from transgender teaching that is promoted through social media, movies, popular music and even in many public school classrooms!   It features 10 Ph.D. researchers and medical experts who present an exposé of the emotionally and physically destructive ideology that has suddenly burst upon the world stage!

Plus, for free, you may also request our latest CD filled with 30 recent Creation Moments programs.

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Carved in Stone: Geologic Evidence of the Worldwide Flood

Genesis records the history of a worldwide watery cataclysm that destroyed almost all land-dwelling creatures and completely reshaped Earth’s surface.  Cultures around the world retain the memory of this great deluge, but secular geologists insist it’s a myth – there never was a global flood.  But they’ve never looked at the rock record across multiple continents simultaneously.

ICR geologist Dr. Timothy Clarey does just this in Carved in Stone: Geological Evidence of the Worldwide Flood.  With an oil industry background, Dr. Clarey utilizes his understanding of oil well and seismic data to see what the rock strata actually reveal about Earth’s past.  Many people might be surprised by what he finds.

Rather than reflecting millions or billions of years, Earth’s rock record demonstrates that a global flood occurred just thousands of years ago.  Carved in Stone showcases the geological data compiled across North America, South America, and Africa, with more discoveries to come as Dr. Clarey works through the remaining continents.

Carved in Stone examines the sedimentary rock record continent by continent, layer by layer.  The data provide clear geological evidence of a year-long progressive flood just as described in the Bible.  Rock data do not lie.

Hardcover 496 pages


The Transgender Agenda: A Scientific and Compassionate Response

Transgender ideology is sweeping the West, redefining political policies, economic priorities, free speech, and religious freedom, while irreversibly damaging the lives of many who buy into it. What is the truthful and compassionate response?

Ten Ph.D researchers and medical experts from the UK put their reputations on the line. Together, they present a compassionate expose’ of the emotionally and physically destructive ideology commonly known as transgenderism. These respected professionals reveal that gender dysphoria is based on an identity that exists in the mind. It should be carefully treated with patience and concern for the individual.

Biological sex is a completely binary system, determined by the presence or absence of the SRY gene. We must safeguard children from transgender teaching that is promoted through social media. Male and female biology is fixed from the moment of conception.

28 minutes, plus 60-minutes of bonus interviews.


Creation Moments CD Volume 232   

You’ll hear programs with topics such as:

  •  Bullet Proof Spiders
  • The Orchid That Captures Workers
  • Heating for Health
  • The Hungry Leaf
  • The Rock-Climbing Catfish
  • and 25 more Creation Moments programs!