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For a donation of  $45.00  or more, we will send you the book: “Wonderful & Bizarre Life Forms in Creation! “  by popular creationist author Dr. Jerry Bergman.

Plus we will also send to you – or to anyone making a donation of $10.00 or moreour latest CD filled with 30 recent Creation Moments broadcasts.

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“Wonderful & Bizarre Life Forms in Creation! “  by popular creationist author Dr. Jerry Bergman is an  oversized coffee-table book is filled with gorgeous full-color photographs and explains why each of these wonderful creatures deals a lethal blow to Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Perfect for families, leisure reading and homeschoolers, making biology enjoyable and relevant for students from high school to college level.





Learn about:

  • The amazing Archer fish that uses “arrows” of water to catch it’s prey
  • Camels, “the work horses of the desert, that can survive for eight days without drinking water.
  • Kiwi, the  flightless bird which in 1813 when British scientists first examined it, they concluded in was an “impossible” animal.
  • Seahorsesthe unique little creatures that come in many varieties and it is the males that carry the babies and “births” them.
  • Discover more about these  and 19 more wonderful and bizarre creatures!

(Dr. Jerry Bergman, is a graduate of the Medical College of Ohio, Wayne State University in Detroit, University of Toledo and Bowling Green State University.  He has taught Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Genetics Biochemistry and other science courses for  over 45 year at several colleges and universities.)



Creation Moments Volume 211

Our latest CD filled with 30 recent Creation Moments broadcasts such as:

  • The Design of the Giraffe
  • A Scottish Panther
  • Bumblebee Flight Still a Mystery
  • The Orchid that Captures Workers
  • The Mystery of Male and Female
  • and 25 more!