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In this fully illustrated 48-page book, the authors examine several creatures that only our all-knowing Creator could have engineered:

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Creatures by Design

Our Creator Jesus Christ is an artisan, an engineer, and a programmer. He filled the earth with creatures custom-made to fill their environments. His living creations don’t just survive – they thrive because they possess profound innate abilities.

In Creatures by Design, ICR’s team of scientists and scholars examines a number of creatures that only our all-knowing Creator could have engineered. Butterflies with high-tech navigation, frogs that fly, bees that do math, bats that “see” in the dark with sonar, and octopuses that camouflaged themselves in an instant – this book offers a glimpse of only some of the incredible abilities Christ engineered in His creatures. And there are thousands more!

Keep your eyes open for Christ the Creator’s artistry, engineering, and programming, for in these we see His glory.


Creation Moments Volume 221

Creation Moments Volume 221 – featuring 30 of our recent radio broadcasts that provide irrefutable evidences that creation didn’t evolve but was made by God.