02021G – August Donation

For your tax-deductible donation of  $45.00 or more  we will send you  the book  Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors  by Bodie Hodge – plus we will also send to you (or to anyone who makes a donation of $10.00 or more) our new  Birds of the Air  CD. This hour-long CD includes 30 of our most popular radio broadcasts about God’s amazing winged creatures.



Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors

Ever wonder about the similarities between different cultures’ mythologies? About how of all humanity shares so much in common?

Many are familiar with the Biblical account of Babel, but after the dispersal, there was a void beyond Biblical history until empires like Rome and Greece arose. Now, discover the truth of these people groups and their civilizations that spread across the earth and trace their roots back to Babel as well as to the sons and grandsons of Noah.

Learn how to link your family back to the original scattering point with this easy-to-read book by Bodie Hodge


Birds of the Air is our new an hour-long CD of  30 popular radio programs about God’s amazing winged creatures.

  • What bird is always in flight?
  • Did you know robin chick have “disposable diapers”?
  • What’s so unique about the way the Umbrella bird fishes?
  • What bird is flightless, but still “flies.”
  • Why don’t birds need socks to keep their feet warm?

Learn the answers to these question and much more about God’s amazing creature and His wonderful creation!