02022E August Donation

For a donation of $45.00 or more we will send you the  Bioethics DVD,  Is Human Life Special? book and the  Creation Moments Volume 226  CD .  Please click here to make your donation of $45.00 or more online.


For a donation of $15.00 or more, we will send you just the book,  Is Human Life Special? and the  Creation Moments Volume 226 CD. Simply click here to make your donation of $15.00 and receive the booklet and CD.


Bioethics is an almost-hour-long presentation by CMI’s Dr. Jonathan Sarfati in which he shows how the following ethical issues can be resolved when God’s Word – especially Genesis – is properly understood:

          • Animal welfare vs. animal rights
          • Eugenics and euthanasia
          • Abortion
          • Cloning and stem cells
          • Plus many more!


The overturning of Roe v. Wade doesn’t mean the battle is over. Far from it! That’s why everyone in your family – from high-school age and up – needs to watch this powerful DVD. It will equip you to understand and defend the biblical position on one of the hottest issues of our day!


Is Human Life Special?  This concise and easy-to-understand book is a must-read for students in high-school and college and their parents!

Since our culture today is increasingly devaluing human life, it is more important than ever to know the biblical answers to today’s most-discussed issue of our day!




Creation Moments Volume 226 CD – filled with 30 recent radio broadcasts