C-3-2020 March Donation

For a tax-deductible  donation of $35.00 or more we will send you the book, The Design and Complexity of the Cell from ICR’s Jeffrey P. Tomkins.

The functions within the cells of our bodies are foundational to our existence. Understanding these functions has made the environment and the processes of our lifestyles healthier, more enjoyable, and more productive. All of humanity has benefited from the life sciences and the scientists who have dedicated their considerable skills to uncovering the functions and processes of the multifaceted variety of cells.

We will send you this book plus will also include our own Made in God’s Image CD, filled with even more amazing evidences of God’s workmanship in creating you and me!  Plus we will send you newest Creation Moments CD Volume 205 – filled with 30 recent Creation Moments broadcasts !

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