Creation Moments Broadcasts – 4 CD set


Four  CD’s each filled with 30 radio broadcasts.  Underwater Creatures, Incredible Insects,  Made in God’s Image and Birds of the Air.  

Underwater Creatures includes turtles, whales, hagfish, octopi and shrimp to name a few of the creatures evolution is powerless to explain.

Incredible Insects includes Dancing bees, the language of fireflies, crafty fleas, racing roaches and the bombardier beetle and more.

Made in God’s Image includes little known facts about hearing, smell, the human eye, muscles, blood, the heart, the liver and the brain and much more!

Birds of the Air  with their stunning array of gorgeous colors, birds are among the most beautiful animals in God’s creation. They are a testimony to God in creating them rather than to the flight of fancy known as evolution.



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