Hindi Broadcast to South Asia

Creation Moments is Bringing the Good News of the Bible to the People of South Asia – in Hindi, the Main Language of India, as well as in English!

Through Creation Moments’ “Hope for India” outreach begun in 2022 in association with Trans World Radio, we have been airing our broadcast in Hindi every day of the work-week to millions of people in what is now the most populous nation of the world! Not only is our shortwave broadcast available to the over 1.4 billion people of India, but it can also be heard by 33 million Hindi-speaking people in Nepal and other nations in that part of the world. The shortwave radio broadcasts are also being transmitted in English, and listened to by those who speak English and those who are studying the language in South Asia.

We thank God for giving us this opportunity to reach such a large number of people in that part of the world! Hinduism, with its oppressive caste system, is the main religion of those who speak Hindi, followed by over 80 percent of the population of India.  Christians can face great persecution for refusing to worship such “gods” as Ganesha (right), one of the most-worshiped deities in the Hindu pantheon. In many parts of India, Christians can be imprisoned for sharing their faith with Hindus. And angry mobs are known to kill Christians and destroy Christian property!

Thank YOU for supporting this outreach. We want to keep sharing the Gospel and Creation Truth for many years to come … but we can’t do this without you!

We are humbly grateful for your donations to the ongoing costs of this missionary outreach. The truth sets people FREE – in the most precious and eternal sense of the term!

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We have also begun broadcasting in English to A.M. radio stations from a transmitter on the island nation of Sri Lanka. Over 200 million people in India alone speak English, and many of them listen frequently to A.M. radio.