Moments with God’s Creation 3 DVD set


Moments with God’s Creation

If you enjoy listening to Creation Moments on the radio or reading the scripts in our “Today’s Creation Moment” e-mails, you’ll love watching them come to life in our videos! The first two volumes include 25 episodes your whole family will enjoy. The third volume includes 26 videos, plus the bonus feature: “The Modern Creationist Movement.” Every 2-minute video magnifies the Lord’s incredible creativity while showing that evolution is impossible.

Click on the links below to see several of the videos from the set.

Interest level: All Ages



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Moments with God’s Creation Volume 1

  • Animals That Make Tools
  • Air Cooled Elephants    (Click to watch)
  • Amazing Water
  • The Miraculous Seed
  •  21 more videos

Moments with God’s Creation Volume 2

Moments with God’s Creation Volume 3

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