Moments with God’s Creation – Set of 4 DVDs


If you enjoy listening to Creation Moments on the radio or reading the scripts in our “Today’s Creation Moment” e-mails, you’ll love watching them come to life in videos on this set of 4 DVDs.

Interest level: All Ages


Moments with God’s Creation 1  includes 25 videos your whole family will enjoy. They’re also ideal for churches to use in Sunday school classes, youth groups, Bible studies and even during the worship service. Each of these 2-minute videos magnifies the Lord’s incredible power and creativity while showing that evolution fails on every level.

Videos include:

•    Amazing Water
•    Why Don’t Birds Need Socks
•    Micro Marvels of the Human Eye
•    And 22 more!


Interest level: All Ages
DVD –  40 Minutes



Moments with God’s Creation 2 focuses on the Lord’s incredible power and creativity while showing that biblical creation is far superior to evolution in explaining our magnificent world.

This fascinating journey of discovery includes:

  • A Real Sea Dragon
  • The Amazing Mosquito Hawk
  • Is There Life on Other Planets?
  • The Mystery of Octopus Intelligence
  • Plus 20 More



Interest:  All Ages
DVD –  40 Minutes



Moments with God’s Creation 3 you will enjoy stunning  photos and video footage as we looks at a variety of unusual animals and plants that display the ingenious mind of God and are not the product of evolution.

We’ll explore such topics as:

  • God’s Agriculture and the Stink Bug
  • The Venus Flytrap
  • Birds Who Build Pyramids
  • Reptilian Fuzzy Feet
  • The Double Life of the Hummingbird
  • Plus 21 More!


Interest:  All Ages
DVD –  40  Minutes



Moments with God’s Creation 4 will show you a  world in which we live is filled with so many wonders, most people take them for granted! But the more you know about the living and non-living things that surround us, the more you can see God’s hand in creating it all. From the plants and animals in your backyard to the farthest reaches of space, the signature of God is there, even if it is not obvious.

26 videos in all, including:

  • Don’t Have a Cow, Man!
  • The Silence of the Owls
  • The Umbrella Bird
  • Why Did God Give Us Fingerprints?
  • Antzilla!


Interest:  All Ages
DVD –  40 Minutes

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