Romanian Broadcast

End of the brutal reign of communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, 1989.

Romanian Translations of Creation Moments are Airing!

More than 600 Creation Moments programs have been translated into Romanian and are broadcast in Romania six days a week over Radio Voice of the Gospel. The translations have been done by Dr. Livius Percy, an ordained Baptist minister in Romania who served as president of the Romanian Missionary Society for 16 years. The audio versions of the translated scripts have also been posted on the Trans World Radio website.

Our Romanian broadcast has a large listening audience, many of whom are hungry to hear the kind of broadcasts that have benefitted so many in other nations. Its people suffered for many years under a brutal Marxist/Communist dictatorship – which of course included a heavy dose of indoctrination in evolutionism.  So the goal in Romania is twofold: (1) Proclaim the gospel to unbelievers and (2) Share solid teachings on biblical creation designed to demolish the stronghold of evolutionism, the very foundation of secularism, Marxism and unbelief.