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Dr. Jerry Bergman, author of Slaughter of the Dissidents and many other wonderful books on biblical creation, has written a book you won’t be able to put down!  While vestigial organs used to be a major weapon evolutionists used to support Darwinism, Bergman points out that actual research into the design and function of the body shows that these are NOT functionless leftovers. No, these organs are part of our Creator’s perfect design and can no longer be used to discredit God.

In this groundbreaking 332-page book, Bergman discusses the appendix and 23 more organs that have long been used by evolutionists against biblical creation. In fact, many of these organs are STILL being used to promote Darwinism in our classrooms! Not only are our kids being deceived, science itself is under attack because the belief in vestigial organs virtually stops research into the actual purpose and functions these organs were designed by God to accomplish!

Paperback: 332 pages