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For a tax-deductible  donation of $40.00 or more we will send you Henry Morris’ The Long War Against God.  This book shows the big picture of how evolution and that belief system seeks to eliminate God.

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The Long War Against God

The denial of God is the root of every human problem, taking many forms over time — one of which is evolution. And this concept goes much farther back in time than we think.

In The Long War Against God, the late Dr. Henry Morris, a renowned creationist, delves into the history of modern atheistic worldviews. Drawing from the writings of the Greeks, Babylonians, and other ancient philosophers, Morris demonstrates the long history and age of the plan to undermine God’s Word. Whether it’s evolutionism, humanism, pantheism, or atheism, Morris illuminates the past and present of these belief systems that seek to eliminate God.

The Long War Against God will give you the tools you need to strengthen your own — and others’ — faith in the battle for God’s trut

Perfect for personal reading or as a homeschool history course.


Creation Moments CD – Volume 207, featuring 30 of our recent radio broadcasts that provide irrefutable evidences that creation  didn’t evolve but was  made by God.