H-9-2020 September Donation


For a tax-deductible  donation of $40.00 or more we will send you the book, Discovery of Design by Donald DeYoung and Derrik Hobbs

Plus, we will also send to you – or to those making a donation of $5.00 or more – our latest CD filled with 30 of our most recent radio programs.

To make your donation online of $40.00 or more , simply click  here or call us toll-free at 1-800-422-4253.

If you would like to receive just the Creation Moments CD Volume 209  for a Donation of $10.00 or more, please click here.



This exciting book takes you and your family on a fantastic journey into the intersection of science and God’s blueprints for life. With photos on almost every page, Discovery of Design shows you how batteries, human organ repair, micro-lenses, and even credit card security all have their origins in the things that God has designed. Current and future research from the fields of stealth technology, communications, cosmetics, nanotechnology, surveillance and much more are all covered in this 240-page book!



Our CD, Creation Moments Volume 209, featuring 30 of our recent radio broadcasts that provide irrefutable evidences that creation  didn’t evolve but was  made by God.


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