08 – 2019 August Donation

God’s glory can be seen easily when you know where to look! That’s why I’m so excited to offer you the new hardcover edition of one of the most popular books we’ve ever offered – A Closer Look at the Evidence by Richard and Tina Kleiss. Even if you own the paperback, you’ll want to get your hands on this new edition because it has been updated and now features beautiful full-color photography and artwork on practically every page!

Arranged in an enjoyable devotional format, this 408-page book starts each day with yet another reason to trust God’s word. It is organized into 26 different subject areas – like biology, genetics, prophecy, geology, anatomy, history, etc. – and draws from over 50 expert sources.   We will be happy to send you this remarkable hardcover for a tax-deductible donation of just $40 or more. We will also send to you – or to anyone making a donation of $5.00 or more – our latest CD filled with 30 recent Creation Moments broadcasts

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A Closer Look at the Evidence

The evidence that God is our Creator desperately needs to be shared in the world today. This book is designed as an affordable resource to both reinforce our individual faith and facilitate sharing the reasons for this faith. The book is written in such an understandable and enjoyable daily devotional format that it will be difficult to resist reading ahead. Share this book with every young person you know.

Interest level: Junior High-Adult
Hardcover with beautifully colored pictures: 408 Pages

Creation Moments CD Volume 200 – Our newest CD filled with 30 of our most recent broadcasts.