09 – 2019 September Donation

For a tax-deductible  donation of $65.00 or more we will send you  God’s BIG Book of  Animals!


From shrews to skunks, elephants to Emperor penguins, four colorful pages are devoted to each of the 60 animals featured in the book. And that’s only the beginning!

  • Full-color images of each creature, plus their behavior and habitats and fun facts.
  • Engaging and humorous text that inspires praise to God for the works of His hands.
  • Presents animals and their origins from a biblical, young-earth creationist worldview,
  • HUGE book – almost 14” tall and 10” wide!
  • A great way to spend “together time” with your kids or grandkids.
  • Makes a memorable gift for the holidays, birthdays, etc.


Simply click here to  make your donation today  or call us toll-free at 1-800-422-4253 during regular office hours … and we will have this wonderful book shipped to you without delay.



Let’s learn all about His wonderful creatures—where they are, what they eat, and how they live. From the birds that fly in the sky to the mammals that walk on the ground to the fishes that swim in the sea, you’ll read about 60 of God’s amazing creatures, from the tiny shrew and poison dart frog to the mighty elephant and great white shark. Enjoy a book that makes studying animals both fun and educational!

Hardback: 208 pages