Creation Starter Set


This great starter set for your Creation library includes the following books and DVD:

  • Creation Spelled Out for Us All
  • Letting God Create Your Day
  • Made in Heaven 
  • Guide to Creation Basics
  • Aunt Lucy? Hominids, Apemen and Other Fables DVD
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Made In Heaven – by Ray Comfort,

An absolutely terrific book about creation that’s perfect for ages 14 and up. Made in Heaven shows how 32 different examples from God’s creation were used to influence various innovations in science. Read about how real hands helped to inspire robotic hands … how eyes inspired better camera lenses … how the eyes of cats gave birth to roadside reflectors … and 29 more! Highlighting how scientists cannot replicate the “real thing” – and providing indirect proof that only God can create things from scratch – this book acknowledges the divine design that inspires our world.   Ages – 14 and up   Hardcover 78 pages

Creation Spelled Out for Us All – by Mark Cadwallader.

Is evolution truly a “fact of science” as many would have us believe? This book makes it clear that evolution is based not on evidence but on atheistic presuppositions. Secularists, atheists and other unbelievers are imposing their views upon modern civilization, not because they are right, but because the Church of the living God is failing to rebut them.  This book is a thorough but user-friendly rebuttal of the foundation of the secularists’ worldview. In eight easy-to-follow chapters, fresh insights covers such topics as the amazing complexity of life, entropy, fossils, information technology, a worldwide flood, and the assumptions that lead evolutionists astray. Interest level: High School-Adult. Paperback. 60 Pages.

Letting God Create Your Day Volume 5 –  by Paul Bartz

If you enjoy listening to the Creation Moments radio program, you’ll love our  collection of scripts, arranged with Scripture references and prayers for devotional use. A great resource for Sunday school lessons, family devotions and for sharing with your children and grandchildren. Interest level: Ages 8-Adult  Paperback, 264 Pages

Aunt Lucy? Hominids, Apemen and Other Fables DVD – by Mike Snavley

If mankind evolved from some sort of ape-like creature, billions of “intermediate” (ape-men) fossils should have been discovered by now. So where’s the evidence? In this fascinating DVD, you’ll discover the shoddy methods and bias that have produced “evidence” of pre-human creatures. In fact, this DVD makes it clear that nothing has been found to support Darwinian apes-to-man evolution! Interest level: Junior High-Adult  DVD, 51 Minutes

Guide to Creation Basics

This beautiful hardcover volume features the work of ICR scientists and scholars and is loaded with hundreds of full-color photos, making it a virtual creation encyclopedia!
Interest level: All ages  Hardcover, 117 pages

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