Great Missoula Flood


Creation Science author and researcher Michael Oard takes you on a journey from Missoula, Montana to the Pacific, sharing how a massive flood shaped the landscape, and how these features can be applied to other geologic features found throughout the world when the biblical global flood was receding 4,300 years ago.

Interest level: High School-Adult

DVD 82 Minutes

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In the 1920′s J. Harland Bretz, a secular geolgoist proposed to his colleagues evidence for a massive Flood across eastern Washington. He was rejected by the scientific community because what was proposing was too close to a catastrophic event with many characteristics closely described in the Bible. What he found were giant gravel bars, huge dry water falls, deep canyons cut through solid basalt, water lines on mountainsides thousands of feet up, and a massive drainage system stretching from Montana to the Pacific Ocean. It wasn’t until fourty years later when Bretz was proven right with evidence showing the Missoula Flood was the result of an ice dam breaking open at the end of the Ice Age in northern Idaho, emptying in just a few days across Washington and Oregon.

Michael Oard will show how quickly the Ice Age formed with the meteorological conditions right after the Flood, how it quickly melted and produced these massive local floods across the world, evidence for only one Missoula Flood, and how the bible can be trusted as earth’s true history book.

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