Moments with God’s Creation DVD 4


The world in which we live is filled with so many wonders, most people take them for granted! But the more you know about the living and non-living things that surround us, the more you can see God’s hand in creating it all. From the plants and animals in your backyard to the farthest reaches of space, the signature of God is there, even if it is not obvious. To help you understand and appreciate the great things our God has made is the purpose of Moments with God’s Creation 4.

This collection of 26 Creation Moments videos puts many wonders of God’s creation in the spotlight. Watch the whole DVD at one sitting or just one video at a time for family devotions. Either way, your entire family is sure to enjoy these moments with God’s creation!


For all ages.

DVD – 39 Minutes




Moments With God’s Creation DVD 4

  1. Coat of Many Colors
  2.  The Great Pretender
  3. Living Gears!
  4. New Glue from Ivy
  5. Disposable Diapers for Robins
  6. Don’t Have a Cow, Man!
  7. Scientist fired for Dinosaur Discovery
  8. God’s Special Gift to Salmon
  9. Evolution – A Matter of Faith
  10. The March of the Robot Mailmen
  11. Blood – Another Masterpiece of Design
  12. Antzilla!
  13. Easter Island Heads – Not Just Another Pretty Face
  14. World’s Best Smelling Animal
  15. The Evolution Illusion
  16. The Fish that Predicts Earthquakes
  17. The Silence of the Owls
  18. And a Little Child Shall Lead Him
  19. Has Evolution Produced Anything of Practical Value?
  20. The Fish with Three Lines of Defense
  21. The Umbrella Bird
  22. Those Strange Nazca Lines
  23. Unbelievable Migrations
  24. What’s the Smallest Thing You Can See?
  25. Why Did God Give Us Fingerprints?
  26. Screws and Nuts in a Weevil’s Legs


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