The Hunter and the Hunted


Creation is not a science theory. You cannot put the concept to the test in the laboratory. Creation ex nihilo (from nothing) is a biblical assertion. Christians believe it for two reasons: 1) Because it’s what the Bible teaches regarding how God brought things into being, and 2) There is a vast amount of evidence for it. Romans 1:20 tells us so.

Nature itself speaks so clearly that there is no excuse if we can’t see the evidence for creation all around us. Nature tells us that there indeed was a designer, and the Bible tells us what that creator wants us to know about Him.


DVD: 56 Minutes

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Animal life around us is incredibly diverse. Additionally, every creature has its own amazing capabilities. Each one is complete, and fully functional in its environment. If evolution is true, we should see many, many creatures struggling as their bodies evolve onwards and upwards to the next level. We don’t see that at all.

In this session, we look briefly at the concept of design versus accident, and we consider the amazing truths about instinct. Furthermore, the size of each creature on earth relative to everything else speaks volumes! Truly, we are without excuse if we cannot see the handiwork of God in nature! Widescreen. Approx. 56 minutes.

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