Amazing Animals of Alaska Vol 1 DVD


Treasures . . . what is their significance? They add joy and delight to our lives, are valued for their beauty and design, studied for their complexity, and appreciated for how they enhance our world. God’s Living Treasures are His amazing and beautiful living creatures!

Did you know:

  • The Moose is the second most dangerous animal worldwide
  • The Fox uses Earth’s magnetic field for direction
  • The Wolf can survive in -40 degree temperatures
  • The Aurora Borealis (Northern and Southern Lights) are a great example of God’s hand of protection over this planet we call home
  • The Sea Otter is designed with flaps in its’ nose and ears that close when this creature is underwater
  • The Polar Bear’s hair is transparent and reflects light making it appear white to the human eye

Come join Dr. Jobe Martin and his friends Buddy Davis, Dr. Jim Johnson, Micah Bowman, and David Rives as they reveal the wonders of God’s Amazing Alaskan treasures. How does the polar bear’s skin and hair act like a solar panel to keep it warm? Does Earth’s magnetic field help the red fox find food? Learn why the moose can eat underwater, how wolf packs work together, how otters use kelp to keep their babies safe, and much more.

Special Features:

  • A Word from Dr. Jobe: Introduction, Testimony, and Challenge
  • Special Interview with Mark Dumas about Agee the Polar Bear
  • Buddy Davis and Dr. Jobe in Conversation

Interest level:  All ages

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DVD 60 minutes plus 30 minutes extra with the bonus features

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