Discovering Dinosaurs -Five Details from Fossils and History


Some say dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago while others say dinosaurs evolved into birds. Some even claim that they never really existed. What is a Christian supposed to believe?

These five little-known details just might totally change what you thought you knew about dinosaurs.

Interest level: All ages

DVD: 1 hour  and 35 Minutes

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In this update to Dinosaurs and Man, ICR’s Brian Thomas provides five details from rocks, fossils, history, and Scripture that point to the recent creation and co-existence of dinosaurs and humans. Thomas’ fast-paced and light-hearted talks look at:

  • Dinosaur hip structure.
  • What it takes to make a dinosaur fossil.
  • Original dinosaur tissue found in fossils.
  • Dinosaur depictions from around the world.
  • Radiocarbon results of dinosaur remains.

In an extended Q&A session following the presentation, Thomas discusses some of the most frequently asked questions about dinosaurs and the Bible.

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