Spiders! Ogres, Allies & Architects


Spiders! They’re not really what you think – or are they?! Join Mike Snavely of Mission Imperative for a guided safari into the world of spiders, a realm you have likely not seen before. Come along – if you dare!

Interest level: All ages

DVD 76 minutes

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To many, spiders are the most horrifying creatures on the earth. With disturbing clusters of eyes, eight hairy legs, and fangs seemingly eager to inject venom, they evoke a sense of dread, and the thought of a spider crawling on your skin is often the stuff of nightmares.

While this reaction is understandable, those willing to suspend their aversion long enough for a closer look will discover a hidden world of incredible design! Not only do spiders benefit us by consuming massive quantities of insect pests, they do so using various, ingenious tactics. Some hunt and pounce, relying on eyesight and speed. Some are cleverly disguised or camouflaged. Others simply sit and wait. Many build traps, a common one being an orb web. Any structure a spider builds is a marvel of engineering and instinct! Spiders can spin different kinds of silk for various purposes, and this is one of the features that makes them so unique.

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