At Creation Moments, we are driven to let the world know the depths to which the scientific establishment has fallen.

    When modern science was first developed, no restrictions were imposed on how we are guided into scientific testing and inquiry. No one had the right to say where the conclusions of scientific analysis should point. Modern science itself came out of a biblical worldview. And virtually all of the founders of the modern scientific disciplines were either Bible-believing Christians or Deists. Science is simply the pursuit of knowledge about natural phenomena, with all evidence being fair game, tested, observed, and interpreted for greatest clarity.

    But now, Big Brother is trying to enforce thought control. Their campaign centers around “scientific” intimidation and fear of “religious” excess. Only evolution, they say, can be taught in science class. Otherwise, GOD is implied, making it religious! What they fail to realize is that the non-theism position of the scientific establishment is the basis for such religions as Buddhism … which makes it a religious position!

    Let’s get back to science that promotes the truth of God, not atheism!

    – Mark Cadwallader, Creation Moments Board Chairman

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