• How important is biblical creation? If I can’t trust the plain reading of God’s word regarding creation, how can I trust that he loves me or can save me? The Bible is an all or nothing proposition. Sure, we know that there are poetical and allegorical sections of the Bible, but they are clearly identified by the context. Creation is taught in plain language just like salvation. I have placed my entire future and hope and trust in God’s word regarding my salvation, so how could I not do the same with his account of creation?

    - V.S.

  • We must know where we come from, and God has told us through His word, the Bible! It’s His love letter and instruction book for each one of us on this planet, and if we live by this instruction book for life, we will get the life God intended for each one of us! This doesn’t mean we won’t face negative challenges, but God is refining us to be more like Him/Jesus Christ! Full of love, grace and truth!

    - C.B.

  • All of creation tells of the glory of God. Evolution throws that very truth out the door and focuses on another ‘god’. We, too, are a part of God’s creation, and without the truth of Scripture, there isn’t any point to any of this – the world or us. Praise to God for His vast creation that testifies of Him in SO many ways. Thank you, Creation Moments for all you do for so many.

    - J.H.

  • Thank you for the research you have done over the years. It has been a valuable resource for truth and direction.

    - T.F.

  • Without a perfect creation, God is a liar. Everything was perfect as the Bible says. We live in a fallen world that Satan controls. People need to know the truth of the Bible and believe in Jesus.


  • I have been a Creation Moments supporter for many years. I really love and believe and support what you are doing. May the Lord God, our Creator, continue to bless this ministry until He comes.

    - R.B.

  • “The older I get, the more important I see this doctrine of Special Creation (recent, fully formed, originally ‘very good’). If we cannot trust the historical narrative in Genesis chapters 1-11, then, logically, why should we trust the statements the Bible makes on the necessity for belief in the life, death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ?


  • “I haven’t always believed in a biblical creation. Until I was 50, I believed what I was taught in school – from evolution to the ancient earth. Then I saw a video of a lecture where several proofs were given that made an ancient earth impossible. The speaker’s points led me to further study. I have a very diverse education in both the hard and soft sciences. As I studied Creation Science, I began to see that all the ideas I was taught in school were not only wrong, they were completely fraudulent.


  • “I thank Creation Moments for placing at our disposal all understanding of true science through the perfect revelation of the Word of God. In this way, we can learn to fully trust our God from Genesis 1: 1 onwards and throughout Scripture


  • The Bible is the most accurate book on the market historically. The majority of what is written there has already come to pass. It stands to reason that the rest is also true. Biblical creation is the truth.


  • What a terrible insult to the Creator to attribute the works of His hands to anything or anyone else. I am reminded of Mark 3:22-30 where some of Jerusalem’s scribes attributed the Holy Spirit’s exorcisms to Beelzebub/Satan. Lord Jesus warned about the gravity of such a sin as being nigh, well, unforgivable. It is wrong to attribute creation to ‘forces’ or ‘processes’ instead of to the Maker, and to Him alone. Even modern man would never attribute a musical composition to the musical instruments upon which it’s played or the physics of sound but not to the composer


  • I love that all of your Scrambled Scriptures puzzles are now Scripture. I love to give them to others who so enjoy them and when I do, I always tell them to circle the words in order and learn the verse that way! Thank you.

    - J.S.

  • In the late ‘70s I had a Zoology class at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo. During a lab class, when the topic was on evolution, a student asked the professor, ‘So what do you think about suicide?’ The prof calmly answered, ‘If life stinks, why put up with it?’ In that shocking moment I quickly understood why suicide was the #1 cause of death for college students. NO HOPE. Knowing who my Creator is, and knowing what He did before the manger (John 1) and what He did to get to the manger (Philippians 2) gives me 100% confidence in His power, love, wisdom, authority, and ability to help me through every step of life, even when the road ahead of me is covered in fog.

    - B. M.

  • I am convinced that in most churches the history of the Creation, the Flood and the Tower of Babel are kept at a distance. Though I was raised in the belief that the entire Bible is absolutely 100% true, my young mind was still indoctrinated in public school evolution. I believed that all my teachers were experts, especially when I was in college. Then I had the great pleasure of having a geology professor who had our class buy two books. One was evolution based and the other Creation based. The professor never spoke of either book; he just taught geology and the books were up to us. That Creation book changed my whole life by exposing me to the great lie called evolution. It also showed me the great amount of evidence that supports all the aforementioned parts of the Word of God.

    - S. P.

  • Almost every morning I look forward to reading your thoughtful evidence for complexity in the natural world that demands intelligent design. It is often a worshipful moment for me. I also appreciate the respect you demonstrate toward those who disagree with your conclusions. Keep up the good work!


  • I LOVE hearing Creation Moments on the Radio, while traveling to work! Your program is always so very interesting! I Love hearing interesting things about God's wonderful design!! Thank You!!

    - L.N.

  • Greetings! We have followed Creation Moment Minute for Years on this Christian Radio Program. I have also subscribed to your emails for the last year. I have tried your App on Google Play too. God Bless You All for What You do for The Kingdom of God. Shalom - CcFm 107.5 Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.

    - CcFM 107.5

  • I just read your article "Dominion, Not Domination" that talks about Sir David Attenborough. He is so lost because of his ignorance. I too was deceived by the father of lies and murder back in the '70s. But, I cannot thank God enough for a godly, praying mother. The Holy Spirit opened my eyes and showed me how I was wrong, and led me to Jesus Christ. That is why my wife and I financially support Creation Moments. I made a vow before God to do what I could to support your ministry. We are amazed at how God created the things of the world and how your ministry shows us these marvelous things.

    - D.F.

  • Thank you for your Creation Moments daily devotionals. Over the years they have given me a new understanding and appreciation for animals and all God's creation. I've come to understand that everything was created for a divine purpose because in His wisdom He knew that down through the ages mankind would believe evolution and other lies. Thank you so much for bringing these truths to light."


  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed your Creation Moments radio program on WRVM (102.7 FM, Suring, WI ) for some time. I also receive your email version daily, and it is one of the first things I read every morning. The subject of creation is so vital to the Christian faith. After all, God put the story of His creation right up front in the Bible. For people to ignore it or disagree with it is to question the entire Bible. God's creation of everything is foundational."


  • "Thank you for your Creation Moments daily devotionals. Over the years they have given me a new understanding and appreciation for animals and all God's creation. I've come to understand that everything was created for a divine purpose because in His wisdom He knew that down through the ages mankind would believe evolution and other lies. Thank you so much for bringing these truths to light."


  • "I just became a listener/subscriber a few months ago but have been greatly blessed and encouraged. My wife and I have been missionaries in Japan for 26+ years. Most Japanese are totally shocked that anyone does not believe in evolution. Japanese love nature, so it is good to share examples from God's creation! Thank you and keep up the good work!"


  • "I really appreciate hearing you uncover God's wonders. And I chuckle daily as you drive another nail in the evolutionist coffin."


  • "If creation is not true then God is not real or at least not the way He is portrayed by the Bible. And that would make Jesus' death on the cross of no use to my salvation. Thank God the Bible is true."


  • “I forward my Creation Moments on to my atheist avid outdoorsman friend. He doesn't mind. In fact, he looks forward to getting them to learn more about nature. Someday, I pray, God will be real to him.”


  • "I listen to Creation Moments on the radio every night. It truly is a blessing. I use some of your points as answers to my biology teacher. Thank you." -


  • "Without question or unnecessary argument, your 2-minute, proof-positive devotionals are vital, thought-provoking facts that are not only desperately important to all of us, but especially to the believer who encounters conflicts of spiritual interest regarding our genesis. In addition to that, the biblical proof of earth's creation is constantly being revealed at new heights/lengths/widths, etc., backed by undeniable explanations and evidence of a creator. I could never have sought all this marvelous information out on my own. I thank God for your awesome little ministry with its Jurassic proportions of God's "solid and matchless" truth!"


  • "First I want to thank you for all that you do and to let you know that I really enjoy reading Creation Moments scripts. I feel compelled to tell you, however, that sometimes I have to stop reading it for awhile because, as ironic as this is, the awesomeness of God and His creations starts seeming TOO fantastic to be true. Then I start getting too caught up in thinking about HOW God could possibly be how He is and I start thinking it's too phenomenal to be true. Isn't that crazy?!? I know it is but it happens and so I have to take a break every so often. Please keep up the wonderful work that you're doing."


  • "Your Daily Creation Moments email is a great way to start the day by remembering how our God created this beautiful earth and put us here to have a relationship with Him. Thank you for searching out and sharing the truths that seem to be hidden from so many people in this world."


  • "I'm 19, and my dad and I love listening to Creation Moments on the radio. I had just been at the bookstore looking for a Christmas gift for him and thought I would try to find a calendar or book with Creation facts. When I went to your website I found several items that will be perfect!"


    • "I look forward to your daily emails. It is the only one I read everyday (out of all the daily emails I receive). Thank you for your research and opening my eyes daily to the wonder of God's Creation."

      - M.S.

    • "As a pilot, I read with considerable interest your “Airplane Fingers” article, and yes, the Creator sure made this all possible. I hope that the general aviation industry takes heed of what you have provided. Thank you, as always, for bringing forth articles of this nature to demonstrate not only His mercy and grace but also His glorious wisdom!"

      - R.L.

    • "I am thankful for the very convincing insights you supply which helps to counteract the false belief that everything we see around us came about all by itself. A lot of those who believe this are very hard to convince but keep up the good work of getting the truth out there."

      - L.F.

    • "This 'kid' who's 78 years old loves your Scrambled Scriptures puzzles, and they are a highlight of my early Saturday. There have been times when my printer wasn't working and I would drive five miles to our library to print it. Always a fun thing to do and a reminder of how much God has put into ONE book! Thanks for doing this every week. Love your daily creation emails also."

      – P.M.

    • "Thank you so much for the Creation Moments bulletin inserts. For the past several years I have been printing them out for our church's use, and members have made a point of saying how much they appreciate them. We think they are especially important in that most of our church's children have not had the privilege of attending Christian schools and are constantly at risk for believing evolutionary nonsense."

      – J.K

    • "I want you all to know that I really enjoy listening to your program. It's really interesting! I'm totally blind, but I have a voice-synthesizer in my computer that reads the screen for me. How do you manage to get such interesting information for your programs? Keep up the good work!"


    • "I'm a missionary in China and I love getting your Creation Moments emails every day. Don't ever quit, keep proclaiming the truth. It gives me information, direction, gets me thinking, and strengthens me and those I pass it on to."


    • "Thank you very much for Creation Moments! The one about the morpho butterfly is a great example of how the wonders of creation point to a Creator with awesome intelligence, power, beauty, and care. Thank you for lifting Him up!"