Have you ever thought that the odds were overwhelmingly against you? I think we all have at one time or another. Years ago, two armies faced off against each other. One army had hundreds of thousands of men with the latest weaponry, cavalry and 30,000 cha...

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Christians are up against a different type of enemy than those that ancient Israel faced, but the dynamic is the same. Media and worldly institutions are in control and seemingly fully equipped with lots of power, lots of money, the latest technology, and...

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Besides evolution, another good example of agenda-driven science in our day is supposedly man-caused global warming – now called the more inarguable term “climate change”. Climate change “alarmists” have succeeded in stifling debate and getting ...

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  • Can Monkeys Count?
    Listeners will know from our Creation Moments programs that the scientific establishment is firmly convinced that Man evolved from the higher apes millions of years ago. For this reason, rhesus monkeys have long been used not only for pharmaceutical trials but in psychological tests to determine how Man’s intelligence evolved. Researchers at Duke University, North […]

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