Author: Steve Cook

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    There is a tendency to think, because the world wants to believe it, that there has been no change in the ways things work since the beginning of the world. This false view is nothing new. Peter in his second letter addresses this very problem (see II Peter 3:4-6). What great change in the way things normally function is mentioned here? Why do men not want to admit that this change took place?

    This has a distinct bearing on what Mr. Gentry found as he worked with the halos. For if there are times when natural forces, as we know them, did not operate as they do today, there would be some evidence of it.

    Going back from the present, the first such time we come to is the Flood. Turn to Genesis 7:11 and find when the Flood began. Now turn to Gen. 8:13-14 to see when it was finally dry enough for Noah, his family and the animals to leave the Ark. What was the total length of time the waters were upon the face of the earth? This points to an extensive flood. When the waters last nearly a year, there is little chance that the Flood was limited in coverage. Consider Gen. 7:19-20. Even without God’s direct revelation of the extent of the Flood, Noah and his sons would know that the Flood was at least this deep. The reason for this is that the Ark would sit about half submerged in the water, and since it was 30 cubits (45 feet) high, this means it would have a draft of 15 cubits (about 22 feet). If they didn’t hit anything until the waters began being removed, then even the mountains would be covered at least that deep.

    At the same time, with not only rainwater, but also the upwelling of the “fountains of the great deep” (Gen. 7:11) there would be great changes as the loose soils were moved and deposited elsewhere. Could there be other changes in processes during this tremendous period? The only portions of the surface not greatly disturbed by all this flowing water would be the foundation rocks. Turn to Ps. 102:25, then compare it with Ps. 104:5. What does this tell us of God’s original creation? Would these foundation rocks still be in existence? What do Ps. 33:9 and Job 38:4 say about this?

    Mr. Gentry believes that the rocks he has worked with come from these foundation layers. Some of the other material, coalified woods, come from sedimentary material, but they again show rather quick changes rather than the slow changes one would expect by evolutionary processes. Considering that all other rocks above these foundation rocks would have had some changes in them, because of the Flood, where would the best place be to search for information telling us how old the earth may be?

    Mankind’s sinfulness has affected the world in other ways also, as Paul points out in Rom. 8:22. Can you think of some ways that “all creation groans”? To consider when this began, we need to go back even before the Flood. Turn to Gen. 3:16-19. What are some changes that occurred as a result of the Fall? How are these still with us today? When the world began changing as a result of the curse God placed on it, there were undoubtedly some changes which were not visible or easily measurable. Some of these may have been in areas of radioactivity. Then we would just be beginning to understand these changes now – it wouldn’t be the first time it took science several thousand years to catch up with God’s revelations.

    With this evidence it becomes clear that things have not continued unchanged since the beginning. Thus those who do not allow for these changes will have erroneous results from their studies. We will want to continue trying to examine the world around us, to better understand it. At the same time, we will want to be aware of what God has recorded for our instruction so that we may seek the truth, which is always in accord with God’s Word.

    Read Job 26:7 and 38:1-7. Then give thanks to God for his Almighty power which can do such wondrous things and cares enough for us to send His Son to pay for our sins, and give us His Word for our strengthening in faith.


    1988 Bible Science Newsletter.

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